How to Check if Your Device Supports Project Treble

What is Project Treble?

Project Treble is most commonly described as an attempt by Google to modularize the Android OS framework to separate vendor-specific code. Other companies use different chips from vendors. now vendors refer to the silicon chip manufacturer like Qualcomm, Kirin… So when new Android version releases company need to depend on vendors. So the proprietary hardware works with the Android OS framework in a newer version of Android.

But Google started this Project treble after the Android Oreo launch so now the company no longer need support from the Vendors so the process of delivering Android can be fast.

All Smartphones which are coming with Android Oreo will support the project treble but the old smartphone which gets android might not support the project treble. There are some smartphones that support project treble as of now and another will once smartphone company confirms that.

List of the Smartphone which supports Project Treble:

This is the Smartphone that supports the Project treble as of now and that is announced by the Smartphone Companies. But wait these are the only smartphone that supports a project by the companies itself. There are many custom ROM developer who steeped into project treble and started giving updates for that.

I am using the Lenovo Z2 Plus and installed AEX 5.3 ROM and now it supports the project treble.

Whether Your Smartphone Supports Project Treble or Not?

There are total 2 methods:

Users can easily check whether their Android device supports seamless updates by running the following command in ADB shell:

getprop ro.boot.slot_suffix

If there is no output, the device does not have the A/B partition system. On the other hand, if a string is displayed (such as _a or _b), then it does support project treble. Alternatively, you can also check


which returns true if the device supports dual partitions.

Lastly, You can also use Project Treble App which is available on the playstore.

Let us know in comments below which device are you using and whether it supports Project treble or not?