Hide Your Online Status on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is continuously improving its services by giving features that users want. However, they are far behind the applications like telegram and Snapchat regarding features. WhatsApp may soon launch a feature that allows you to hide your online status on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp’s Last Seen to Be Added Soon

The latest report from WABetainfo suggests that they are working on adding awaited features about hiding the online status just like the last seen. This feature is already in the work and may launch in the upcoming beta version. Currently, you can hide the last seen from contacts, everyone, or specific contacts.

The last seen section in the privacy option will be added under the section under who can see when I’m online and there will be two options to choose from, One option will show your online status to everyone just like now and another will let you hide just like the last seen option.

This feature will come in addition to the recently added feature, hide your last seen, profile photo, and about section. There’s also a feature to hide your online status from people you have never chatted with before.

This feature is still under development and may take some time to be introduced in the latest version. Well in any case, if you’re excited about the latest feature and want to try it at the earliest then you can keep an eye on the beta version or you can follow the complex method for the rooted android devices and take a look.

Hide Your Online Status on WhatsApp (Closed Beta)

You’ll have to download an application called WATweaker and follow the steps throughout to enable the features that are already in closed beta version which are not available for general users.

The process is a bit lengthy but it’s safe and worth it. I have personally tested it and found it safe to use.

If you have any doubts regards the same then feel free to contact me.

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