Here’s How You Can Stop People From Sharing Your Posts in Their Instagram Stories

The new Instagram feature allows other people to share your posts on their Instagram stories. The new feature rolling out from today and now it is available in new Instagram app update on Google Play Store. With this feature, the user can share anyone’s posts which pops up on their news feed.

Somehow, users are not falling in love with this feature. But on the comment, the company says that this feature makes a lot easier to share anyone’s post without losing image quality in their Instagram stories for what they feel something deeply. Even if you talk about me, I sometimes feel, it is not helpful by any means for the users who share their private images. Yes, it can become helpful for some organizations and companies.

Definitely, the new feature is cool, but for those people who want to stop other people from sharing your posts in their Instagram stories, here is a method to opt-out people. The method is super easy. Follow the steps;

  • Open the Instagram application and navigate to your profile section.
  • On the right side upper corner, you will find those three dots which will take you to your profile settings. Tap on that.

  • Once you are in your profile settings, under the Account section you will find Story Settings option. Using this option you can change settings related to your Instagram stories and you can change your experience.

  • Jump all the way down under the Sharing options, where you will find one option called Allow Sharing. Simply you have to turn off that toggle. That’s it. Now the other users will not be able to share your posts in their Instagram stories.

So, do you love this new Instagram feature? Let us know in the comment section!