Here’s How to Get Rs. 2000 Off and Extended Warranty on OnePlus 6 Device

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Everyone’s eyes now on OnePlus 6 device. The device is not yet launched but it is gonna be the fastest selling smartphone. The device crossed one million registration on Amazon last week. Have you registered for your self?

OnePlus has announced OnePlus ‘Fast AF sale’ for their upcoming OnePlus 6 device from May 13 to May 16. Well, this is not gonna be a traditional sale of their smartphone. It includes some lightning deals. The sale will be available on Amazon which will allow the user to get the assured cash back and some more offers to the user. Let me take your eagerness to the next level. OnePlus 6 gonna be the first ever non-pixel device which will get the Android P Beta updates! If you want to read more stuff, just visit this post.

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OnePlus 6 is giving Rs. 2,000 money back on the purchase of the Amazon e-mail gift card which user have to use to buy OnePlus 6 device. This is applicable for both Prime subscribers and normal users. However, it looks like Prime subscribers will get the better chances of OnePlus 6 device because the first sale will be on May 21 for the Prime subscribers and on May 22 for normal users. 

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Here’s How Fast AF Sale Works!

  1. All you have to do is, buy Amazon E-mail Gift card worth Rs. 1,000 during this sale between the May 13-16.
  2. Use the gift card to add the Rs. 1,000 to your Amazon Pay Balance when the sale of OnePlus 6 device goes up means on May 21 for Prime subscribers and May 22 for normal users.
  3. Okay, so, whenever you will purchase OnePlus 6 device during the sale Rs. 1,000 will be deducted from your Amazon Pay Balance and later it will be added by OnePlus to your Amazon wallet in form of reward. Further, OnePlus will extend the warranty of OnePlus 6 device for another 3 months.

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