Here’s How Android 13 Easter Eggs Look Like

Google recently introduced Android 13 which includes a bunch of new features and revamped design over the previous version. The latest version, Android 13 Beta 3.3 addresses the bugs that were identified in the Beta 3.2 version. Alongside that, Google sneakingly added an easter egg in the latest version. If you’re excited just like me then here’s how Android 13 easter eggs look like.

Android 13 Easter Eggs

Android 13’s Easter eggs look a bit different from what we have seen earlier. The version number is surrounded by the different emojis like Fruit, Cat faces, Regular faces, Expressive (eye) faces, Melting faces, Hearts/love, Outer space, Moon, Aquatic life, Monkeys, Zodiac, Clocks, Flowers, and Turtle king. If you tap and hold bubbles at first then it will turn into emoji.

At this moment it is unclear if Google will plan to add the Android 13 easter egg widget just like they did with Android 12. So stay tuned with us for future updates on the same.

How to Enable Easter Eggs on Your Pixel Device

You need to have pixel devices as Android 13 is only available for Google pixel devices as of now. You may download the custom from if it’s available for your device. (Note: don’t flash just for easter eggs)

  1. Download Android 13 Beta 3.3

    Download the latest beta version of Android 13 on your pixel device.

  2. Go to settings >> About phone

    head over to the about phone section of settings and tap on the android version repeatedly

  3. Easter Egg should appear

    If you change the clock to 1’o clock position then you should see the Android 13 logo with bubbles.

  4. Tap and hold bubbles

    Now, just tap and hold bubbles as you see the mojis popping up on your screen.

This is how you can enable and check the latest easter of from the latest Android version. If you have any doubts or any suggestions then let me know. While we bring you other Android-related articles you can check out our old posts.

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