Here is Why OnePlus 6T isn’t a Good Deal Yet!

OnePlus 6T will pack almost all the features that you might need but it still is hit or miss. Well, It will be a great device but yet doesn’t feature all the stuff you might be interested in.

Well, If you don’t know OnePlus 6T full specification is revealed in the latest leak so check it out now before you go ahead. – click here

1. Yet No IP Certified

So that means there is no waterproofing and you can’t take it out when it rains or in a pool. That would be awesome if OnePlus 6T comes with IP67 at least but that is not happening with the 6T. Earlier in OnePlus 6 event company said that it is splash proof so yeah count 6T as splash proof and not waterproof.

2. Yet No Wireless Charging With Glass Back

OnePlus using glass back in the OnePlus 6T to make it look premium and not for the features. Usually, companies use glass back for the wireless charging but sadly OnePlus 6T won’t have wireless charging even this year.

3. No Headphone Jack

Okay! Finally, OnePlus removed popular headphone jack that all wanted from their upcoming devices. OnePlus CEO also asked on twitter if users want headphone jack or not, and 89% people voted yes. Yet OnePlus removed headphone jack to increase the battery size and more features.

4. Price Tag (maybe)

Last year with a OnePlus increased price of OnePlus 6 by Rs. 2,000 ($30) for base variant. This year rumors suggest that OnePlus 6T will be priced at Rs. 38,999 which is Rs. 4,000 hike again.

5. No MicroSD Card Slot

OnePlus isn’t providing useful MicroSD card slot from many years. Samsung manages to put MicroSD card slot in the same footprint. but because Apple doesn’t provide MicroSD card slot, OnePlus won’t.

Let us know in the comments below what do you think about the device. OnePlus 6T will be the great device but it lacks some feature that you might consider.


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