Here are the Reasons, Why You Cannot Locate Your Lost/Stolen Device

Nowadays smartphones are like a toy for the young generation people. Just like a small child, s/he cannot live without a favorite toy, modern people cannot live without their smartphone. Well, when it comes to the cheaper phone, when the cheaper phone is stolen or it may get lost, you might one of them who only thinks about the data which is important. But, what for the high-end device?

Yes, you can imagine, when you lost our high-end device, you are losing your data but with that money as well. Here, Google has built the ‘Android Device Manager’ to locate the device and get it back. However, there are some cases I have seen practically that people often try but they cannot locate their device once they are lost or stolen even they have set everything. So, I started research on it and here’s what my theory says.

01. ‘Find My Device’ Not Installed

No need to worry if you are Android Oreo user. Google has now installed the inbuilt Find My Device service which directly substracts the downloading process of an external application from the Google Play Store. However, I guess not all the smartphone users are currently enjoying the taste of new food. Some have older Android devices as well. If so, you just need to download ‘Find My Device’ from the Google Play Store and complete the whole setup.

Simply jump on the Google Find My device site to locate your Android device anytime when you lost it.

02. You Forgot to Keep Location Services Turned On

I’ll clap for you if you have turned on the Find My Device on your Android device. But, have you turned on the location services? Yes, majority people forget to keep the location services turned on for 24×7. Find My Device is the service which locates your device using the GPS. And the first necessary requirement is the Location Services which should be enabled on your Android device.

Now, you may think it consumes so much battery. No, that’s not the right excuse if your device is running on the Android 8.0 or higher. It has three different options — High accuracy, Battery saving, and Device only. I would prefer to set it on ‘Battery saving’. In my case, it works better and I can use my device almost for 14-15 hours in a day once it is fully charged. Nevertheless, it depends upon the usage.

03. Not Installed ‘Lockscreen Protector’

Majority of people always keep their smartphone password protected. It can be anything. Right now we are not interested in which type of method you are using. Let me ask one question. Have installed ‘Lockscreen Protector‘ on your Android device?

Probably the answer will be No. In fact, people don’t even know what this application does. There is no any smartphone in the market right now which can prevent the shut down from the lock-screen. Hence, it becomes easy for anyone who has your device to turn it off and easily wipe the data through hard reset.

Well, in such cases ‘Smart Lockscreen Protector’ plays an important role. Thankfully the application is available on Google Play Store for free and it doesn’t require any root access. Just download and simply enable it. This app will disable the Shutdown button on the lock-screen. So, no one will be able to turn it off.

04. Disabled Internet Data

Android device has the button in the notification panel to turn on and off the internet data. People often turn it off when they don’t use their device. But, I guess this is not a good habit. The data consumption very – very less in the background if you close all the recent applications. Yes, the battery will drain faster and I accept that.

You should keep your device data turned whenever you are somewhere far from your home. The Find My Device application won’t work if your device has not internet data turned on.

Please do note, if your device has a removable battery, then there is nothing to help you. Further, if a thief will remove the sim card, then your device will be disconnected from the internet. You will not be able to locate it.