Google to Ask OEMs to Provide Updates Regularly

When you purchase any smartphone from the market, do you care about the firmware updates that OEM should provide on regular basis? If yes, then this might be good news for all of you. Still, in 2018, a firmware update is the biggest problem that Android ecosystem is facing. OEMs are not providing the updates on a regular basis and that is why there may be lack of securities in the smartphones. But Google is working hard to solve this problem. And this will become possible by the Project Trebel.

Google has announced 100 new things at Google I/O 2018. Moving eyes on the What’s New in Android Security Talk which is recently done by the Google, there is an important announcement made by the Head of the Android Platform Security, David Kleidermacher,

some new changes coming to the company’s security policy which effectively require OEMs to roll out security patches

So, it is obvious that Google will soon apply their new terms and conditions for every OEMs and under that, they have to provide the updates on regular basis to their mobile phones. Project Trebel can help in this case very easily and many smartphones coming these days with the Project Trebel support. However, following the talk, Google has not mentioned anything that can give us a hint that what Google will require this new change.

The thing that Google only mentions in the talk is the word ‘regular’. And yes, we can link this word to the regular Android firmware updates. Now, it is not clear whether it will be on the monthly basis or any scheduled time period. Here it is worth to note here, the update Google talking about will contain the security updates and some bug fixes which OEMs have to provide in order to improve the security.

But actually, we should thank Google for encouraging OEMs to become the more scheduled to release the updates and changes.