Google Pixel Camera Became a Piece of ‘Crap’ after March Update

Google Pixel camera is still a beast in the market. And when it comes to the Google Pixel 3, there are a lot of new things, Google introduced for the first time on stage at the Pixel 3 launch. Pixel 3 XL is the best camera phone that you can still pick from the market. Although, there are some major problems are taking birth after Google provided the March update.

Google is leveraging AI for Pixel device camera in ways that Apple and Samsung are not. With newly introduced feature Night Sight which captures frames with long exposure time and merges those frames together to bring the colors in areas where they lost with the help of AI.

As tweeted by the Android Police founder Artem Russakovskii, Pixel 3 XL camera became even more crap after updating it to the March update. The camera now lags even more. Also, it is very slow to start and frequently damages the captured videos by freezing while recording. Further, the camera sometime shows some kind of error and stops recording.

Android is Google’s own property. Although, still Google fails to keep Pixel device software well optimized to run applications fast. Marques Brownlee better known as MKBHD, recently did a comparison of OnePlus 6T and Google Pixel 3. And OnePlus manages to open applications lot faster than Pixel 3. The only reason to go with the Pixel 3 devices is the better camera.