Pixel 4 Might Come with ‘Soli Radar Chip’ that Would Enable New Gestures to Control Your Phone

Every year at I/O event, Google introduces its future projects. And one of them was ‘Project Soli’ which was first introduced at Google I/O 2015. Now, it seems Google will make it available for the consumer with their new upcoming Pixel 4. Ever since Pixel 4 came in rumors, we have seen tons of different designs. Just yesterday, a new Pixel 4 render came in the light which shows a square camera bump like an upcoming iPhone. Nonetheless, Google’s design team, we can’t do anything except waiting for the final result.

Earlier today, as reported by 9to5Google, Pixel 4 might integrate the Project Soli radar chip. That would enable further hand gesture recognition on the phone. Later on, there is some information collected by XDA Developers in new Android Q beta.

So, Google is working on implementing some new gestures in Android Q. And as found among them all new, two will be called ‘Silence‘ and ‘Skip‘. You guessed right. They will be used to control media playback on the phone. However, these new gestured are not quite ready to get implemented for now. Because they require a new ‘aware‘ sensor. And we haven’t seen that kind of thing yet in Pixel devices. So, it is possible that Pixel 4 will include a new ‘aware’ sensor. Furthermore, if the reports to be believed, upcoming Pixel 4 will have ‘Project Soli radar chip‘ which might add ‘aware‘ sensor capability.

As mentioned earlier, the Project Soli was first introduced at Google I/O 2015. However, late on at I/O 2016, Google showed a live demo of gestures that can be integrated using Project Soli Radar Chip. Putting simply, the chip makes the device a receiver that recognizes the gesture type and does the task it is programmed for.

Well, Google’s use of Soli has been lately approved by FCC as well. However, the authority was only given to the company itself. There was permission for consumer products as the technology could pose a small risk of harm. However, it seems Google has been in the work to bring this technology for a consumer product. And as rumored, the first gadget could be the Google Pixel 4.


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