Google Pixel 3/XL Wallpapers Available, Download 28 Wallpapers Now!

Google Pixel 3/XL launch is around the corner, The device is already breaking a record for most leaking smartphone ever. We won’t be surprised by the Google this time on October 8. Google can just announce the price and date of availability because we already know everything.

If you’re not familiar with the leaks you can check out our website and read the detailed specification and see designs which are leaked so far. Click Here

Recently, in the latest leak, Rachit Agrawal got some pictures of the devices. And his source was able to port that wallpapers from the device. Google Pixel 3/XL will have some great wallpapers this time. The name of the wallpaper category is come alive and Living Universe.

This wallpaper will change their effect based on your activity. The special effect won’t work on every device but you will be able to set the still Pixel 3/XL wallpapers.

Here is the Preview of Google Pixel 3/XL Wallpapers: 

Note: These images are only for preview purpose please download the ZIP File for the high-quality images. 

Download ZIP File: Google+Pixel+3+Wallpapers