Google Pixel 3 XL Unboxing Video is Live on YouTube Before Launch

Google Pixel 3 Xl is not hiding from people. Every single detail is leaked online and that big notch is making people nuts. Now, Google doesn’t even need to launch the smartphone and show the features, they can just come to the stage and say the price that’s it.

One more leak came out. It’s probably not a leak, because a guy who bought it for $2000 from the black market, made a video live on YouTube. In this video, she is unboxing the phone and taking some photos and displaying camera samples.

You can watch that video right here:

Pixel 3 XL Specifications: 

Display 6.7-inch, 1440 x 2960 pixel resolution, an Aspect ratio of 18.5:9
CPU Snapdragon 845
GPU Adreno 630 (Rumour)
Battery 3430 mAh
OS Android Pie
Price (Expected) $949
Launch Date (Expected) October 2018


The device will ship with a few extra accessories, Aside from the two USB adapters, data cable, and wall plug, we see a new set of earbuds. These are designed like wired versions of the Pixel Buds that Google launched last year — you’ve got an adjustable hoop on each earbud, allowing you to fine-tune the fit so that you can get the earphone to stay in place without causing you pain.