Google Pixel 3/XL Launch is Tomorrow; What We Know So Far!

Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL breaks the record with the most leaked smartphone ever. You might know most of the things but there are a lot of details that Pixel 3/XL you might not know including pricing, variant, color option, and detailed specifications.

Let’s start with the Specifications: 

Google Pixel 3/XL will sport the new Snapdragon 845 which is the best processor available from the Qualcomm. The device might come in two variants: 128GB and 64GB storages and 6GB and 8GB RAM. That’s just a basic specification we are talking about. The device will run on Android Pie which has great improvements over Oreo.

Google Pixel 2 had the best camera in the market just with the single camera. Google was using the Pixel Visual Core to process the pictures and combine the shots and deliver the best results out of many. Well, Google Pixel 3 will have Pixel Visual Cores v2 so maybe that will deliver even better photos.

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Talking about the Availablity and Color Options, 

As per the leaks, Google Pixel 3/XL Preorder will start just after the launch on 9th October. So if you’re planning to get one you better get ready on the launch date.

Google is planning to add one more color to the list. There will be a total 3 color variant, black, white and third color is called sand (looks like light pink). Google will follow their traditional pattern of the half with glass back and shining and another half will be matte kinda finish.

Now, What will be the pricing? 

If you been following us on Telegram then you were one of the lucky guys to know the pricing at the first. But if you’re not one of them, here is the pricing for you:

  • Pixel 3 64gb – $999CAD ($771 USD)
  • Pixel 3 128gb – $1129 ($871 USD)
  • Pixel 3XL 64gb – $1129 ($871 USD)
  • Pixel 3XL 128gb – $1259 ($971 USD)

Pricing of all the variant is little high in my opinion. Although we can’t verify the source info yet so let’s just take this pricing as a pinch of salt and wait for tomorrow to see the official pricing.

Last, Pixel Stand: 

Pixel Stand is a wireless charger that is going to announce with the latest Pixel 3/XL. So that means that Pixel 3/XL will support the wireless charging.

New Wallpapers, 

This might not look like the big deal but a source said that the wallpapers will be something new for the Pixel 3/XL. We don’t know yet what is new but all we know is Google has something which is not leaked yet. So keep updated with us.

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