Google Pixel 3 DxO Score is Great Yet Disappointing!

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The most awaited Google Pixel 3 Camera review is up on the DxOMark website and the device manages to increase the score from the Pixel 2 but yet the score is disappointing. Every other tech blogger and youtube video producer praises the Pixel 3 camera as the best smartphone camera ever but DxOMark says the different story.

Google Pixel 3 Camera Hardware

Talking about Camera, Pixel 3 has 12.2MP single rear camera (1.4µm pixels, f/1.8 aperture). It has dual LED flash and also supports the Optical image stabilization. The device can record 4K video at 30fps and 1080p video at 30fps and 60fps.

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Google Pixel 3 DxOMark Score

Google Pixel 3/XL scores the 101 overall points in DxOMark testing which is less than iPhone Xr, Xs/Xs Max, Note 9, P20 Pro. While the Pixel 2 was one of the best camera smartphones of 2017, The story is different with the Pixel 3.

  • In Photos the device receives 103 points.
  • In Videos Pixel 3 receives 98 points.

Summary From DxOMark Website

  • With a DxOMark Mobile overall score of 101, Google’s Pixel 3 is among the best phone cameras we have tested, and is tied with Apple’s iPhone XR for the top spot among single-camera phones. The camera is a great all-around performer in a variety of conditions and has one of our highest-ever Video scores of 98.
  • With the Pixel 3, Google continues to make impressive gains in image processing using computational imaging. The result is a very versatile camera that people can confidently use in most situations without any manual settings or tweaks. In particular, the Pixel 3’s Zoom and Bokeh (Portrait mode) scores have improved dramatically over the previous generation. Overall, it is tied for the top of our single-camera phones with the Apple iPhone XR and beats it, along with nearly every other phone in our database, for Video. The Pixel 3’s scores are behind those of only a handful of multi-camera flagship phones.
  • For all its advances in computational imaging, and improvement in Bokeh and Zoom scores, the Pixel 3 is still behind the top multi-camera phones in those areas. So for buyers looking for the ultimate in Portrait photography, and who also don’t mind the larger size of one of the multi-camera flagship models, it may be worth considering one of them as an alternative.
  • But for Android users who don’t want to carry a larger phone sporting multiple cameras, the Pixel 3 is the best phone camera they can buy. In terms of pulling a phone out of your pocket and pressing the shutter to let the phone camera do its best, the Pixel 3 is superlative. That’s even before adding in the value of Google’s Night Sight shooting mode, which renders some amazing images under low-light conditions. Google has also addressed another previous limitation by adding an option for recording both RAW and JPEG images from its stock camera app—a development that serious photographers will no doubt welcome.
  • It is important to note that we test all smartphones using only their default settings, so we did not consider the image results from the Pixel 3’s Night Sight mode in our DxOMark scores.

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