Google Pixel 3 Camera Shakes Even If Your Hands are Steady

Google Pixel cameras are known for their performance. With the implemented Artificial Intelligence algorithms the camera captures the real-life images with accurate detail and colors. Importantly, still, one camera on the rear side does this all magic. But, hold my beer. Google Pixel 4 will have triple camera placements.

As per recent news, Pixel 3 owners are reporting about the unexpected shaking of their smartphone camera. The video on YouTube shows-off the same thing. The user doesn’t even have picked the handset in his hands. The phone kept on the stand. However, the camera seems to shake by itself. It doesn’t appear to be the software issue. Maybe there could be a problem with the device’s optical image stabilization.

In terms of performance, the Pixel 3 lineup still stay behind. Just to remind, OnePlus’s OxygenOS is faster than Google’s stock Android system. Furthermore, the sales are also impacted compared to Apple and Samsung.

In the past, we have seen the Pixel 3 owners reporting issues with their handsets here and there. And now for the first time, we are seeing this issue appeared on Pixel devices. It is strange to see this kind of behavior of a camera system. Some have said this could be a problem with the autofocus system while others suggest it is a problem with optical image stabilization.

So far, Google has remained silent on this new controversy. The number of complaints is currently growing on the internet. Considering Google Pixel 4 is coming ner in the future, Google may be busy in making its upcoming stuff more powerful. However, Android maker has to reply to these all complaints.

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