Google Photos Download Option Missing – 5 Easy Ways to Fix

Unlike other photo apps, Google Photos is now a widely popular one when it comes to organizing your memories because of its online backup feature. You can store photos online and download them whenever, wherever you want. However, some users are cannot find download options in the Photos app. It just got vanished!? – Nah, there must be a problem with the app. So, here are 5 easy fixes that you can try.

Some social media applications like Instagram and Facebook doesn’t allow the user to share their images through cloud storage. It requires the image to be saved offline on the device’s storage. And with the missing ‘Save to device’ button in Google Photos, you and I and anyone would get freaked.

Why ‘Save to device’ button disappeared/not working?

We all know, Google tries to keep its users up to date with regular app updates and new features. With the new update, Google introduced the Material Design in the Photos app along with dark mode support that automatically pairs with the system’s dark mode button.

While some users are loving new features, people, including you (me as well) are having trouble saving photos to the device’s storage. Fortunately, there are several fixes that you can try from your end to solve this issue.

Google Photos Download (Save to device) option missing – 5 Ways to Fix

Follow up these easy fixes one by one. I have arranged them as per their effectiveness from high to low. Also, in the end, please do leave a comment and let us know which method worked for you.

1. Download in the correct manner

With the new user interface of Google Photos application, many users are having the problem of finding the ‘Save to device’ button in the first place. So, make sure you are not repeating the mistake and trying to download the image by following the correct way.

Open image that you want to download. To see the ‘Save to device’ option;

  • You can either swipe up your image or tap on three dots located on the right side upper corner.
  • Find out the ‘Save to device’ option.
  • Tap on it to download the image.

2. Multiple downloads won’t work

It may give you a shock, but Google Photos doesn’t support ‘Multiple downloads’. You will have to download each and every photo individually to your device’s storage. I know… it takes a lot of time when you have tons of images.

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3. Cross-check if the photo is already on your device

Google Photos also shows if photo is already available on your device’s storage. If it is, you will not have download option in the menu, instead, you will see ‘Delete from device’ option on the menu.

If this is a case, you can always have a path that shows where exactly your photo is lying on your device’s storage.

To do so;

  • You can either swipe up your image or tap on three dots located on the right side upper corner.
  • You will see the path under the options.

4. Clear cache and data

Another easy fix you can apply is by clearing cache and app data. Don’t freak out. Clearing cache and data of Google Photos app won’t affect any image stored locally on your device or in the cloud. You will just have to re-login in Photos app with your Google Account to see your images again.

To clear cache and data of Google Photos app;

  • Go to Settings.
  • Locate ‘App Settings’.
  • Search for ‘Photos’.
  • Clear data and Clear cache.

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5. Try updating photos app (if not, try reinstalling)

Google delivers frequent updates for their applications and you should always try to keep them updated as they get some major bug fixes. It could be a case where you have missed a new update of the photos app. So, make sure to check if it requires the updating process.

If you find it up to date, you should always try reinstalling the app. So, just uninstall the existing Photos app and try reinstalling it from Play Store.

Any of them are not working? Try downloading them on your computer

Any of them are not working? Well, you can always have a way to get your work done. Photos app supports desktop version as well. So, one can easily access and download cloud images on desktop wherever it goes.

To download images from Google Photos;

  • Head over to Google Photos website.
  • Log in with your Google account.
  • Open the image you want to download.
  • Click on three dots on the right side upper corner.
  • Click on the ‘Download’ option.

With that, I hope any of them worked and I didn’t waste your valuable time. Please do let me know in the comments which method worked in your case.

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