Google Is Slowly Killing The Android Brand

Android Wear is Already Gone!

Google just dropped the “Android Wear” from its operating system for wearable devices, and switching to the way less complicated “Wear OS” by Google. I can say that we will all stop saying by Google in a little while. Google started android brand back in 2008 when they launched Mobile OS to compete with the Apple’s iPhone which was launched in 2007.

Google wants to make the long-term branding ever since they launched the company name Alphabet in 2015. This shift to Wear OS by Google means that any licensed manufacturer who makes a device by using this OS for a wearable device they will have to display the tag “Wear OS by Google” thereby Google ensuring that the brand name spreads further than before.

Pixel OS Instead of Android?

Seeing this move by Google, I think we will see a similar thing with Android Smartphones and Tablets in future. Maybe that will be called by “Pixel OS by Google”

We have already seen Android Pay got re-branded to Google Pay and after scanning the pixel 2 page it barely shows the name Android on their blog page. It only mentioned the word “Android” and that too at the very bottom of the page and in small font.

Google wants their company to re-brand and by ditching the Android and using the name something like “Pixel OS by Google”. By using the name like this they are also getting the popularity of their pixel smartphones and that’s what Google wants.