Google Camera Port For Poco F1 is Now Available; Download Now!

The New Pixel 3 Camera Port is Out for Poco F1:

Download From Here

Poco F1 has great camera hardware and it’s able to take great shots. But the camera application is limited. You can take better photos with Google Camera so why not to use it. Poco F1 has Camera2 API Enabled so you can Install the Google Camera right away without doing some complex task.

B-S-G(They guy who’s the reason for Google Camera ports today) got his device MI 8 a few hours ago and started his work on it. As POCO F1 shares a lot in common with MI 8 including the kernel sources, Development on any of these devices would contribute to both.

He released the V1 of his cam for MI 8 and it’s working perfectly for POCO too.
It’s just the test version but the HDR+ & video are working without any issues. Portrait takes time to fix(Expecting Pixel 3 would change things for SD845 devices).

Download GCam for Poco F1

Just in case if you have installed Android Pie custom ROM:

The Google Pixel 3 Camera Port with all new features is now available and you can download it from here.