Download Google Camera for Redmi Note 7

Redmi is now an individual company which is working for its own growth in the smartphone market. The company recently launched Note 7 device with the ‘Redmi’ branding on the back side coupled with the ‘by Xiaomi’ text. The phone was firstly teased with its 48MP text on the rear side. And no doubt, they are working very well as they should.

Redmi Note 7 houses dual camera sensors on the rear side – 48MP and 5MP. The 48MP sensor which works as the main sensors houses Samsung ISOCELL GM1 sensor having a size of 1/2 inch. Although, some researchers have found that Snapdragon 660 listing shows that it only supports the 25MP camera. Now, it quite seems to be a mystery. You can get info here.

With the Google Camera, the camera delivers the impressive result. And it already has been proved by Google with their Pixel phones. Since the developers are porting out the Google camera for other devices to use and capture quality images. Redmi Note 7 comes with the MIUI pre-installed which enables users to use MIUI Camera. Although, it is not able to capture images having more details. On another hand with Google Camera, Redmi Note 7 captures detailed images. You can check samples here.

Most of the Xiaomi devices comes with the Camera2API disabled out-of-the-box. But that’s not the case with Redmi Note 7. Luckily, Redmi Note 7 has Camera2API enabled. So, that means, you can install Google Camera without going through any confusing steps.

You can download the Google Camera for Redmi Note 7 through link attached below. The camera is originally made for Xiaomi Mi 8. but it works completely on Redmi Note 7.

What’s Working:

  • HDR+
  • Smart HDR
  • Night Sight
  • Motion
  • Slow Motion
  • Portrait
  • Video Recording

Download Google Camera for Redmi Note 7


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