Google Assistant Tips and Tricks You Should be Using in 2019!

You might be using a smart speaker at home and even if you’re not using it You have a smart assistant right on your phone. Google assistant is available for both Android and iOS and all you need to do to use it is install an app and match your voice. Google assistant can be very useful in day to day life and here I am mentioning all the tasks that will definitely help you in day to day life to save some time.

Do the Math

If you have anything to calculate then the first thing you will do is to open the calculator. Well, The Google assistant can make it easy. Just say “Hey google what’s the square root of 55″ and you will get the answer. Google assistant will do any calculation in a few seconds whether its numbers or any measurement parameters.

Generate Random Number/ Roll a Dice/ Flip a Coin

Google assistant can also do some tasks like generate a random number or roll dice or flip a coin. You can use these command to play a game or when you need help choosing one thing.

Just say, “Hey Google Generate a random number between 10 to 20.” and it will do the job. To roll dice just say, Hey Google roll dice or flip a coin.” and it will do the job for you.

Translate Foreign Language

This command can be very useful when you’re in another country and don’t know the language. You don’t need to download any other app or even google translator to make it work.

Just say, Hey Google How do you say Where is Mr. Janak in Chinese. and it will show you the translation. It will also speak the sentence on behalf of you.

Currency Converter

As the name suggests you can always as google to convert the currency. For example, you can ask, Hey Google what is 1299 Yuan to Indian Rupees. 


You can use Google to remind you something at a particular time. This command is helpful for those who keep forgetting where did they put keys or something else.

You can say, Hey Google remember that I put car keys inside the drawer,   and when you want it back you can ask, Hey Google where is my car keys? and it will give you an appropriate reply.

Find the Exact Pictures from Photos

If your gallery has a lot of photos and having trouble finding a particular photo then you can ask the assistant. For Example, you can say, Show me my dog’s picture and the AI will find the dog’s photo in your gallery and show the result based on what you asked.

You can also ask for photos based on time, for example, Hey Google show me pictures from last month (or any date) and it will show you all the photos from last month.

Track Flights or Packages

Having access to the Gmail, Google Assistant can now tell you where is your package or if your flight is delayed or not.

Asking Hey Google, Where Is My Package? will get you an answer how far are your package and the how much time will it take to arrive at your home.


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