Google Assistant Now Understands Commands for Third-Party Applications

Google Assistant now becoming, even more, smarter than before. After the seven new languages which also includes the Hindi, Google has brought the new update to its assistant. The new assistant now understands all the custom commands given to it for the installed the third-party websites.

Google is planning to make their assistant even more flexible. According to the blog post by Google, Assitant will now support the “Custom Device Actions.” The new assistant letting developers create their own device-specific commands that user can give to Google Assistant to perform the action on their application.


This is interesting to know that applications developers are now allowed to create their own commands. So that means now developers will build applications to build up the integrations for the Google’s Voice Assistant. The third-party application developers can create any voice commands. Even they can create the conversation based voice commands. A user can give that commands to the Google Voice Assistant and as a result, an assistant will perform the action. Earlier we have seen that Apple’s Siri has the same ability for custom commands like if you say “Hey Siri, Send Hi to Alex on WhatsApp”. Siri will send the message. I think this makes smartphone use easily in some ways not “every way.”

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So, as per everything mentioned on the Google’s blog, users now will be able to access even more media like songs, movies, videos and all that stuff on their mobile phones, Android TV as well as speakers. Also, there will be new features like TV show clips, interactive stories, news briefings and much more will be available for the user to access. Once user will start any audio or video streaming, he/she will be able to play or pause or even replay the media. There are much more other features as well, you can simply jump on the official blog for further details.

If you are Android device user, the assistant now available. It was firstly available for the Google Pixels and Google Home speakers but now it is available for many other Android devices. Google promises to add even more functions and ability to their assistant application in future. Furthermore, Google aims to add the other new special features like to operate the home appliances. Earlier users would say that “Hey Google, turn on an oven.” Well, now the user will be able to say “Hey Google, set the oven to convection and preheat to 350-degrees.” So much interesting.