Google Accidentally Confirmed Android P Name

We all know that Google next Android version is Android P. As with the previous version the meaning of the alphabet goes with the subject and rumors. Google is also well-known for generating hype around the naming scheme of its Android operating system, and each new release over the past few years was accompanied by a wide variety of theories aiming to uncover what the final OS name might be. However, Google gives us hint on Google I/O 2018 application.

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The application suggests that the next Android version could be Android Pineapple. This application shows the Wi-Fi network and password of the Wi-Fi presents at the Google I/O. Password of the Wi-Fi is written in style like “p1n3appl3”. This suggests that Android P could be Pineapple.

The senior member of XDA found out that the name of next Android could be Android Pi. We are not yet sure as there is no confirm the news from the legit source.

Yet, This isn’t confirmed by Google. Google creates hype by naming different and showing different. While Android O they showed Octopus in settings so people guessed the name Octopus and later on launched Android Oreo.

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While Android P developer preview is already out. Developer preview 2 will be launching at Google I/O.