10 Gmail Tips and Tricks for 2019

When it comes to the email services, may be Gmail would be your first choice. Google’s Gmail is fast, secure and with super sleek design now than before. Google targetting new material design on its every platforms and Gmail already passed through this process. A new material designed Gmail makes everything organized and well managed.

Revamped Gmail has some of the new features. And you can do a lot more with them and make the user experience even better. So, here’s I am with things you don’t know about you can do in new Gmail.

New Gmail

Google’s material designed Gmail is now available on every account. That means, it doesn’t matter you are Beta partner or not. With the new sleek design, there is also new tons of features has been added like snooze button, mute button, auto destruction, different themes, etc.

But also, Google has taken care of blocking malicious mail. So, moving eyes on record, 99.9% of dangerous emails pass through Google’s machine learning language before it hits your inbox. So, that you get warnings about them if there is anything wrong.

01. Switch Between Different Views

New Gmail arrives between different views you can switch between – Default, Comfortable, and Compact. Each view has different viewing methods of your received mail. Well, in my case I generally switch between Default and Comfortable.  As these both give me a proper look.

02. Set Email Recall Time

So, how you can use this effectively? Just guess you have sent a wrong email to your school teacher or your office boss. How shocking can be a result, right? Well, nothing to worry about. Now, you can undo email if you sent it by mistake. All you have to do is set a new email recall time.

Go to Settings -> General -> Undo Send -> Set seconds

03. Send Email with Confidential Mode

Are you sending your documents or bills via email to anyone? Well, then send it with the confidential mode. Some people would love to call it auto destruction mail. With the confidential mode, you can set your email’s destruction time. So, it will automatically vanish after a certain period of time.

04. Snooze Email id

For me, the ‘Snooze’ feature is quite useful in Gmail. I usually get many emails from different clients and all those stuff. Well, I don’t want to let other email ids to ruin my daily schedule. So, I keep them snoozed. So, I only get notified through the mail I want. Sounds amazing right?

To snooze, just right click on the email -> Click on ‘Snooze’.

05. Mute Unwanted Emails

Well, how this can be useful? If you are tired with some emails who might annoy you all the time like Google Alert sends emails almost four times in a week. I know I can unsubscribe them I don’t want to do that because I managed to read that but I don’t want to be annoyed with notifications, them mute button is perfect.

To mute, just right click on the email -> Click on ‘Mute’.

06. Send Email with SMS Passcode

Adding up an extra layer of security to mail you are sending with the ‘SMS Passcode’. Gmail provides a dedicated option to send an email with the SMS Passcode that requires a pin to email to be opened.

You can turn on this feature by clicking on lock icon -> mark the option of SMS Passcode.

07. Want to Use Gmail Offline?

Gmail provides the offline feature to access mail even when the internet connection is off. And that’s without any doubt necessary feature if you are really into a business category and don’t want to lose any important email. Enabling this feature will allow the user to fetch all emails and store them for offline use automatically when you get connected to the internet.

Simply go to Settings -> Offline to set it up.

Since I am using Firefox browser, it doesn’t support the offline feature. You must have to use Google Chrome for offline Gmail access.

08. Filter Unnecessary Emails and Delete Them

Another, extremely useful feature filters options Gmail provides. It is now way easier than before to filter unnecessary emails with the help of keywords, time, email id, attachments, etc. You don’t have to find unnecessary emails from your inbox.

09. Let Gmail Save Template of Reply Automatically

In case if you do not want to write the same reply to several emails you have received in your email id, you can use a feature called ‘Canned Responses’. It will display a new button when you will compose an email. So, once you will write down a reply, you just have to click on that button to save it as a template.

To access this feature go to Settings -> Advanced -> Canned Responses.

10. Enable Preview to Save Time

Make sure you have enabled preview in Gmail to save your lot of time. You can see a preview of mail on the right side easily without opening them in the whole screen. To turn on preview feature just click on the ‘Toggle Split Plane Mode’ located just before the Settings icon.