How to Get iMessage on Your Any Android Device Without Root – 2018

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NOTE: You will need Mac device to move forward.

Apple’s iMessage is a free messaging service that you can use in iPhones. However, because it is Apple’s own service it is not available on the Android device and you cannot even install them. But today you may feel wonder. Don’t worry you have read right article name. “Get iMessage on Your Any Android”. It is possible and even without rooting your Android device.

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I am sure you will be able to use iMessage and send a message to an iPhone at the end of this article. I have mentioned complete steps here and if you will follow them perfectly I think there are no chances that this trick doesn’t work. The process is a little bit longer so please make sure to bring a cup of coffee with you. So without being said let’s get the step-by-step information.

#1. Download An App on Android Device

Starting from the download program, this is our first step. To run the iMessage service on your Android device you will need to install one application from the Google Play Store named: WeMessage. I have provided the download link below so you don’t need to do so much effort in terms to find it.

[appbox googleplay scott.wemessage]

This application is freely available on the Google Play Store so just download it and let the PlayStore install. Once it successfully installed I am sure you will open it. You will see three blanks asking for IP Address, Email, and Password. Before we proceed to enter them put your Android device on the side and jump on our #2 step.

#2. Get Your-Self on Mac Device

So, I think you have successfully installed some applications on your Android device. Now it’s time to install it on your Mac device from the website. For that just simply click here. This link should redirect you to the website of the WeMessage from where you will need to download Mac application on your Mac device. For that scroll down and come on this screen and click on “Download for macOS


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#3. Unzip

Okay so now all you need to do is unzip the downloaded file on your Mac device anywhere you want.

#4. Main Mac Device Process – Done Carefully

Open the unzipped folder. You should get some files. You can tally them in my screenshots below. Okay, so now you are set to move further. Next carefully open the file named as a “run.command“. When you click on the “run.command” it will say ‘this file is script application downloaded from the internet’. You will need to click on “Open” in order to continue the process. Refer Image (a).

Image (a)

This file will run the command line tool on your device called “java“. Now I think you will not have Java command line tool so in order to move forward you will need to install it too. So, now in this dialogue box click on the “More Info“. Refer image (b) It will redirect you to one website. So let’s jump on next step.

Image (b)

#5. Install Java JDK

Okay, hope you are successfully redirected to the JDK download website. Now all you have to do is just click on the Java Download square button as I have shown in the screenshot below. On the next screen, you will need to click on the “Accept License Agreement“. Now just click on the link next to the macOS. It will download the file to your Mac device. Wait until it gets finished.


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#6. Install the Java JDK

So, after the successful download click on that file and install it on your Mac. For that simply hit on the downloaded file. It will say double click on the box to install so double-click to begin the installation process. Once you finish the installation process successfully move to the next step #7.

#7. Go to System Preferences

Now in order to proceed further, you will need to tick one checkbox on your Mac device. For that Go to System Preferences> Security and Privacy> Accessibility> Check the Terminal Box. Refer Image (a).

Image (a)

Now again go back to that unzipped file and click again on the “run.command” file. It will open the white box like I have attached below. Refer Image (b). All you have to do is to enter the email id. Here make sure you will need to enter your real Apple email id which you already have. Once you have entered your iMessage email id, then press enter.

Image (b)

Now it should ask for the password. Don’t worry here you do not have to enter your Apple id password. It is just a password which you have to enter the Android device application just for the security purposes. So enter any password that you want. Just remember that. Now again press enter.

Okay, so now you have done! Now all you have to do is find out the IP Address so you can connect your Android device to it in WeMessage app. To find the IP Address just again go to System Preferences> Network. You will find your IP Address there. Note that because you will need to enter in the WeMessage app.


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#8. Get Back To Android Device

So, now you have everything. IP Address, Email id, and Password. Just enter it in Android device WeMessage app and tap on Sign in!

Hurray! You are now in iMessage on your Android device. Now start the conversation with anyone and send the message simply using WeMessage.


Android devices are very useful. You can do anything on that. But there are some limitations of everything. Here’s the major problem because of that you might kick this trick. You must have to keep that terminal on your Mac device and your Mac should be connected to the internet. Without that, you won’t be able to message anyone from your Android device. I think this is the annoying part.

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