Get Android P’s “Wind Down” Feature in Any Android Device

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Most of the time we don’t get 8 hours of recommended sleep because of our smartphone addiction and social media. Thanks to the Android P, Google introduced Wind Down feature with Android P that helps you to combat this.

This feature will remind you to go to sleep at your bedtime. It will basically turn your colorful screen grey scale. It’s kind of new Do Not Disturb, It also stops notification to stop your visual distraction.

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Now, We no longer have to wait for the Android P to arrive in our android device. A developer has created an app that does the same task.

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Download Color Breeze

Color Breeze is an app that provides this features on any android device. You can get this app from the playstore for free.

Download Color Breeze

Follow The Below Steps to Grant the Permission to the App.  You need to manually grant Color Breeze the ‘WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS’ permission with adb.

Note: Before you follow the steps below, please enable ‘Developer settings’ and make sure you have enabled USB debugging

Requirement: Make sure you have extracted the Android SDK tools correctly.

  1. Connect your Android device to your computer
  2. Execute the following command in your terminal/command prompt: adb devices
  3. Make sure your device appears in the list and its current state is online.
  4. Execute adb shell pm grant com.reverp.colorbreeze android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS
  5. Click on ‘Check permission’ in Color Breeze which should work

Now turn on the Automatic Wind Down

By default, it is turned on. You can adjust bedtime and wake up time from the app setting. You can also choose the days to make the app activated. You can turn off the weekends so that it won’t work on those days and you can enjoy the weekends. Now it will turn on automatically when your bedtime arrives.

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