IMDb Launches Freedive, a Free Streaming Service

When it comes to the movies and TV series, IMDb is one of the great spots to find out what critics and viewers are thinking about the storyline of the movie or any TV series. In between all other popular streaming services (which are almost paid), IMDb today announced its new free streaming service dubbed Freedive.

Quality over Quantity

IMDb’s new streaming service promises to offer a wide range of Hollywood movies and rated TV shows. And everything is just for free. But how it is possible? By breaking your movie or TV show with an ad. Simply put, like YouTube. It is not surprising because we are already familiar with the ad-supported streaming platforms. Of course, it is not suitable to show ads on paid services like Netflix. But let’s say YouTube. Ads pop up either at the starting or between the video.

Yet, the website is in development. So, IMDb has officially said that the platform doesn’t have many collections of movies. The numbers for movies touch around 130 and for TV shows around 30. It seems IMDb focusing on providing quality over quantity. Well, that doesn’t matter, I guess. Because some movies are there which you actually wanted to watch. However, IMDb promised that it will make the library larger with the time and add further movies to watch.

How to Access Freedive?

IMDb Freedive is not yet available in all countries. The service is only available in the United States right now. You can visit to check out service. Although if you want you can access the website using VPN service but wait! It won’t let you enjoy the shows without signing in. And once you will sign in, it will automatically detect your location and that’s it. It will show you error message says VPN service is not allowed. I have tried by myself.


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