Galaxy Note 9 Teardown Reveals ‘Water Carbon Cooling System’

No doubt the Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 9 device is the bundle of some top-notch internals. The Note 9 is fueled by the Samsung’s brand new Exynos 9810 SoC (or SD 845) which one of the powerful chipsets. But, for what the Note 9 was hitting the headlines is for provided larger sized ‘Water Carbon Cooling System’. The provided heat pipes are larger than the Galaxy Note 8 device and have the same size as the Razer’s gaming smartphone.

JerryRigEverything, who is well known for the smartphone teardown has sacrificed the functionality of this $1000 device in its traditional way. He didn’t hesitate to do the teardown and reveal all internal parts of the phone. And during its teardown, he shows the ‘Water Carbon Cooling System’ of the phone.


Pic: JerryRigEverything Video


You can see by yourself in the video. The heatsink part starts from the 5:20. The Galaxy Note 9 heat sink has the cylindrical heat pipe in the larger rectangular copper pad. However, he didn’t find any water carbon stuff inside it. So, he decided to cut it further and dive into it deeply. Samsung has provided the copper wick inside the rectangular copper pad which should carry the water carbon stuff in order to provide the cooling inside the phone.

Honestly, still, we don’t know in the whole cooling process where the carbon takes place. Further, Samsung has also not clearly mentioned how the carbon works and how much amount of carbon is used. Please do let me know in the comment section what do you think.