Fur Jaden Backpack Could be A Best Budget Product For You: Impressions

There are a lot more anti-thief or smart backpacks on the web you can go for. Although, if you are looking for a budget bag that cost under Rs. 1000, a Fur Jaden backpack could be your choice. An anti-thief backpack offers a lot more space to pack your things because the bag intentionally made for travel purposes.

Now, this is my first impressions thoughts. So, make sure it’s not a review. Although, you can drop a comment below if you really want an in-depth look at this bag. So, of course, I will be using it for a while to know how better it is and is it worthy or not. 

Starting things off from the outside, the bag itself gives a pretty premium look in my opinion. If you have this bag on shoulders, it would look like a premium product. There is Fur Jaden branding on the top of the bag. So, it’s an anti-thief bag, as I said earlier, and that means, you get the chain on the backside of the bag. So, no one can open them easily.

This Fur Jaden’s anti-thief bag is made out of good material. I guess its kind of artificial fur fabric. And as per my knowledge, its most commonly used material in the manufacturing of tech backpacks because of its wear-resistant property. So, no matter if your bag will be in rough usage, it will suffer long last and very well.

Well, considering its a tech backpack, of course, there is USB output on the left side. So, it makes easy to charge your phone via USB cable by keeping a power bank inside. The connector itself is very well placed inside the bag provided by the company itself so you don’t have to look outside for USB A-in to USB A-out converter.

You can open the bag on 180 degrees, so everything you are gonna carry can be placed nicely in this bag. Inside, there are Fur Jaden tags on the material. There is a lot of space inside. On the top part, a big chain pocket on the upper side and two slots for DSLR camera if you want to carry. Quite great I guess. And on the bottom portion, there are pockets to place a laptop, tablet or books, etc. Mine one is having a size of 20 liters. Its a lot more space.

Also, one more thing, the bag pack is completely water resistant. That means it is splash proof. Whatever tech is inside your bag it will be safe. Although, until a certain level. That’s what means of water resistant I guess.

Now, let me clear one thing, this is not any kind of review unit. I bought it from Amazon in the deal and it did cost me Rs. 1049. So, yeah, a pretty amazing deal for any premium backpack.

For the first, there are positive impressions, but that’s not enough for me. I am gonna use it for a quiet period of time and then, I can say is it worth the money or not. I do have Xiaomi’s backpack as well which I am using from last 5 months and I have no problem with that though. It has quite good material and very well manufactured.