Fuchsia OS: Get Ready for New Operating System from Google!

Everyone knows the Android operating system. The giant Google owns the Android operating system. Google has made this operating system under the Android Open Source Project for the smartphones. According to the recent report approximately 89% phones are running on Android operating system which is the gigantic number and only 3% running on iOS.

Okay, apart from this the giant search engine Google is testing their new operating system — Fuchsia OS. In the previous year, if you are tech geek you might have heard about this new operating system. Google is testing this new operating system Fuchsia from the more than a year. Now, of course you will think about to use it in your device and let me tell you this operating system is now open-sourced for the developer community to contribute.

Fuchsia OS

fuchsia os

The new Google’s Fuchsia OS is built off of the Zircon (formerly Magenta) micro-kernel. This new Zircon micro-kernel is completely different from the Linux kernels. Report suggests that Google has already released their new Fuchsia operating system for their Pixelbook. You can download it and install in your Pixelbook according to the documentation officially released by the Google.

But Honestly, I cannot describe it here. If you want the actual and in depth details you should go on the ChromeUnboxed article. That will surely help you to clear your doubts. Anyways let’s continue.

As we said earlier Google has already released the documentation to install Fuchsia OS on Pixelbook. According to mentioned in the documentation, the new Fuchsia operating system supports hardware platforms like Acer Switch 12 and Intel NUC. The installation process is not compatible with ARM devices. Google is definitely planning to launch this operating system for the upcoming smartphone. However, it is too early to say when it will come in the market and how it will perform over a Android.

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