Foldable iPhone Looks Elegant in New Renders

Admit it, you are in love with the foldable smartphone launched at the MWC 2019. First introduced by Samsung it’s Galaxy Fold at its Unpacked event, and later by Huawei at MWC 2019 – Huawei Mate X. Now, more patents and rumors are popping up on the web shows us an ideology of manufacturers to make their own foldable smartphone with different designs.

A new era of the smartphone has begun. And because it’s just a fresh start by the manufacturers, the smartphones cost more than $1500. But, technology will become cheaper in the future when other manufacturers will also start to bring the same in their handset. The in-display fingerprint sensor, for example, now Xiaomi is planning to install in their mid-range smartphone.


But how we can forget the Apple – the brand having a regular designed phone with the $999 price tag! Already we went through its foldable iPhone patent in the past month. And based upon that patent Filip from EverythingApplePro YouTube channel shared some elegant renders of foldable iPhone. Honestly, I couldn’t keep my finger away from the keyboard to share this thing with you all.


Taking renders lightly as of now, I wouldn’t be surprised by the camera placement on the front side when it is unfolded. Samsung says it There are dual camera shown on the right side horizontally positioned. Also, did you notice that USB Type-C port on the bottom? Cross finger. Unlike the Huawei Mate X, he has tried to show this design to be folded from the middle. So, of course, there will be a camera placements on the rear side as well.

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When the iPhone unfolded, you will have a long and little bit of narrow display compared to the recent one with the curved corners. I didn’t get the point of having the four camera setup on the rear side though. And I personally don’t believe it will have as well. Even Apple didn’t move to triple camera setup for iPhone Xs. But you can expect in this years iPhone as per rumors. Ohh, that Red one is my favorite variant.

EverythingApplePro is well known for news of Apple and iOS tweaks. So, he also showed iOS with the dark mode in the Messages and Facetime. And the use of blank space beneath the keyboard by placing the recently used emojis. So, when unfolded there is iPad mini in the user’s hand.

No, there is nothing much information yet about this Apple’s foldable phone except patents. So, taking these images as a conceptual, we can at least get an idea. Let me know what do you think about this in the comment section.