Facebook Has Suspended 200 Apps in Data Misuse

Facebook Learning from Cambridge Analytica Scandal

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Facebook has learned a lot from the Cambridge Analytica scandal. It was not easy for Facebook to come out of this tough situation. In the end, it is all about the private data of their users. Later on, Facebook has decided to start the investigating the application which has access to a large amount of data. Of course, they have started an investigation. Interestingly the company found 200 applications in order to misuse the user’s data.

Facebook found 200 application they were violating their rules and as punishment, the company has suspended all of those 200 applications. It is not clear yet that applications have actually violated the rules of Facebook to get the access to thousands of users’ data. In a statement, the company says, “They are still investing for the in-depth details to find out that in actuality they those apps have misused users’ data or not.”

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facebook banned 200 applications!

It looks like Facebook has really learned something from the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Further, the company has decided to apply new policy. Facebook will now investigate the applications after a particular time interval and if the company will found an app that is misusing the users’ data, the application will be banned immediately and Facebook will notify their users’ through this page.

Facebook has earlier announced this investigation and they said that the company will start investigating the application from 2014 and earlier. Approximately, with the starting from 2014, Facebook has allowed third-party applications to ask for the permission and use the users’ data. Also, the application can pull the information of users’ Facebook friend even they have not used that app.

Hopefully, Facebook is taking some good actions in 2018. When it comes to the users’ private data, the company should understand the burden to protect those private data. This is also our advice for not to provide the unnecessary permissions the o third-party application. Think twice about what you are doing.

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