Facebook and Google Accused for Violating GDPR Law

Starting from the full name, General Data Protection Regulation. The new GDPR law has taken place in the real world. It is designed to unify data privacy requirements across the European Union (EU). So, basically, it aims to provide the full control to the users, customers, and employees over their private data. Under this law, all the companies have to change their privacy policy and they have to provide the full control to their users on their private data. For the all huge tech companies like Apple, Google, etc. they had to introduce the new feature which should follow the GDPR guidelines.

The new GDPR Law is now effective and the giant companies, especially include Facebook and Google accused of violating the GDPR law. As they all companies have introduced their new guidelines with their users. But, users in Europe have already done the complaints against the giant social networking platform – Facebook. Majority of complaints saying, the giant companies are still violating the new General Data Protection Regulation.

According to the report, the European people have not only complained about the Google and Facebook but surprisingly it also contains the other Facebook properties, WhatsApp and Instagram.

Complaint Says…

To introduce their new updated guidelines, you may have started receiving the emails from such companies in your mail inbox. However, as noticed by the Privacy Advocates in Europe, the companies Google and Facebook are not initially giving the choice to their users asking either the user agrees with their new guidelines or they want to stop using their service.

Max Schrems, working at European Center for Digital Right said in his statement, “The GDPR explicitly allows any data processing that is strictly necessary for the service – but using the data additionally for advertisement or to sell it on needs the users’ free opt-in consent.” Further, he added, “If companies realize that annoying pop-ups usually don’t lead to the valid consent, we should also be free from this digital plague soon. GDPR is very pragmatic on this point: whatever is really necessary for an app is legal without consent, the rest needs a free ‘yes’ or ‘no’ option.”

However, Google told to BBC that the company’s new guidelines are completely complying with new European GDPR Law and Facebook has committed that the company has spent 18 months to get prepared for GDPR. So, if the companies will found to be violating the GDPR law they both will have to face strict fines from the European government. Let me know what you are thinking about this.