Explaining Samsung’s New Screen Technology – Infinity Displays

While all the eyes captured by Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone, Everyone forgets about the new Samsung’s Display Tech announced at Samsung’s Developer Conference. Samsung has a great display technology from years and leading the display market by selling their beautiful display to other manufacturers.

Samsung announced four new Display Technology which brings a Notch to the Samsung Display. Samsung has to adopt the notch at last as there is no other way around till foldable smartphone gets the hit. The notches are not as big as the iPhones or Pixels yet the small notch which occupies the camera is present.

Four New Display Tech

  •  Infinity-U: We have seen U Display notch in the smartphone industry before, Firstly on Essential and now in OnePlus 6T, which is more like a V notch with slight curves. There is nothing new here.
  • Infinity-V: This kind of display was used in OnePlus 6T or Oppo’s devices which they called dew-drop notch.
  • Infinity-O: This display technology is something new and you should know it because this will be used in the Samsung’s upcoming flagship: S10. The notch or cutout will be in the side which occupies the camera sensor and the display will be all way around.
  • New Infinity: This display doesn’t house the notch, so there will be minimal bezels to occupy the sensors.

Samsung’s Upcoming Phone:

Previously rumored, Samsung is ditching the Iris Scanner to use the UltraViolet In-Display Fingerprint sensor. That means Samsung is reducing the number of sensors used in their previous device to adopt the Infinity-O Display.

Samsung also introduced the Foldable smartphone at the Samsung Developer Conference which will launch in Mid 2019 with some massive improvements from the one which they showed us at the event.


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