Experience Latest Android P on Your Computer

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Google just released Android P for the developers. Android P or 9.0 is only available for the pixel devices as of now and will be available for the other devices once it officially releases. There are a bunch of features they included in the latest version. If you want to know all the features then you can read our article by clicking below.

One of the developers ported the Android P launcher from the pixel devices so you can download it and experience it on any android devices. Get a step by step guide on how to do this.

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Just a Suggestion: How to Get Android P Features on Any Android Device

Coming back to our main topic. You can get a full experience of the Android P on your computer. Android P is available for the app developer to work on their app and make it compatible with the latest Android version. so you can get access to the Android P by using the method of Android Studio.

Step 1: Download Android Studio

Download the android studio software from the official website or by clicking here.

Step 2: Install it on Your Computer

Now all you have to do is Install Android Studio on your computer and create a project. This step might take some time depending on your internet connection because it will also download some files.

Step 3: Tap on Tools and then go to Android

Now you can go to tools and tap on android if an Android option is not there in tools all you have to do is press a refresh button or synchronization button and it will ask to install some files in the”event logs”. You need to install 2 files and then you will be able to see the android option under tool menu.

Step 4: Go to AVD Manager

After that go to AVD manager and then you will see some devices. If you don’t see device then you will probably need to choose a virtual device that you want to use and then it will ask to choose an operating system.

Step 5: Download Android P

Download Android P from the list, it will take some time because a file is big so take a rest for sometime and come back once it completed.

Step 6: Select the Device and you will see Android screen right on your screen.

You are good to go. Enjoy the Android P experience on your computer. So, that’s pretty much all about how you can experience Android P on your computer. It’s a quite easy process but if you still have an issue make sure to ask me in comments below.

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