Essential Phone May Have In-Display Selfie Camera: Alleged Patent Reveals

Essential was the first company to launch its smartphone with a notch display. Essential Phone PH-1 was announced in May 2017 and for some reason, the device didn’t perform well in the market. But we still know the brand as it was one of the first company to introduce notch display.

Since then there was a rumor that Essential will not launch a smartphone and the company may shut down but the latest patent reveals that the company is working on a successor or Essential PH-1 smartphone.

The report says that Company is working on Essential Phone PH-2 which will have innovative features just like the previous generation. The upcoming phone will have In-Display camera which will be embedded under the display. So when the user wants to use the front camera the OLED display of the phone will become semi-transparent and will let the user capture the photo. The company is yet not decided to use In-Display fingerprint sensor as you can see the fingerprint sensor at the rear side.

Essential Phone PH-2 will have a dual rear camera with flash and a single front camera embedded inside the screen. The front camera is not punched like Samsung Galaxy S10 but instead, it’s living inside the display.

The device is expected to pack flagship specifications but the hardware information is not yet available to us. We don’t even know yet whether this phone will hit the market or not. Make sure to stay tuned with us by following on our social media platforms for future updates.