Enable Magic Eraser Feature of Google Photos on Any Android

A tech giant Google introduced a mind-boggling feature called magic eraser in their biggest software-related event, Google I/O. While the feature is exclusive to the Pixel 6 series, we have found a way to get it on any android device. While this process can be a little lengthy but it will be worth doing as the outcome is amazing. You can check the sample photos below. So keep reading Enable Magic Eraser Feature of Google Photos in Any Android.

What is Magic Eraser Feature?

The Magic Eraser tool is a versatile and highly effective image editing tool that is commonly used in photo editing software. It allows users to remove unwanted elements or objects from a photo with ease. The tool works by sampling the pixels surrounding the area you want to erase and then replacing them with an approximation of the background, effectively “erasing” the unwanted element. The tool’s effectiveness is due to its advanced algorithms that are able to accurately match the surrounding pixels, resulting in a seamless and natural-looking final result. The Magic Eraser tool can be used to remove anything from minor blemishes to large objects, making it a popular tool for both professional and amateur photo editors.

Take a look at it,

Enable Magic Eraser Feature of Google Photos in Any Android

  1. Download Google Photos Application

    You have to download the google photos application from here. Another version may not work as tested with this version only.

  2. Install SAI

    You have to install a split application installer from the google play store.

  3. Select the Google Photos app in SAI

    Open the SAI app and here choose the Google photos app that you downloaded earlier.

  4. Install App

    Install the Google Photos app using SAI.

  5. Voila! Open the Google Photos app and check the tools section.

    You should receive google’s exclusive magic eraser tool under the tools section. You can enjoy the beauty of AI.

What if it doesn’t work?

What if I get an error while installing the Google Photos app?

If you get an error while installing apk then uninstall the update of google photos first and then try to reinstall.

What if It doesn’t Appear under tools?

Clear the data of Google Photos by going into the setting and application.

Cleared Data, but Still not working?

Download Pixel props and then flash it on your Android. As it only works on pixel devices, for now, installing pixel props will spoof of the pixel and the feature will work on it.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask. Also, read other related articles for more guides.