Download Xiaomi File Manager App with Dark Mode

Xiaomi has recently introduced dark mode in MIUI. The feature enabled dark mode system-wide. However, in apps, you still have to play with the manual toggles except for some inbuild Xiaomi apps. However, Xiaomi is working on individual apps. And it seems Xiaomi File Manager app got the first chance for Dark Mode on-off toggle.

Xiaomi File Manager App

The new Xiaomi File Manager app rolling out with the dark mode. In the new update, the File Manager app gets a dedicated toggle to turn on-off dark mode app-wide. However, as I have found from my personal experience, the new dark mode feature doesn’t turn on automatically. So, as you can see in the screen below, I have turned on dark mode system-wide.

Since, in the majority of cases (Google Pixel devices), if your mobile has dark mode turned on, other Google Apps automatically goes on dark mode even though they have dedicated toggle. So, there is no internal linking created. You have to manually turn it on if you want to.

You can download the Xiaomi File Manager application from the Google Play Store as well as directly from the APKMirror website. App version is V-190621.

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