Download Google Pixel 4 Stock Wallpapers

When Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL started leaking last year, it didn’t stop. I guess, the same circumstances are currently with the Google Pixel 4 lineup and by the time, Google confirmed some exciting feature of upcoming Pixel 4, at present, rumors and leaks not catching stoppage.

Anyways, as a Right Brothers’ regular reader, you might know, we do love to share stock wallpapers because they are factory-made to a suite with theme stock Android theme on the phone. On top of that, today, we are here with four leaked Google Pixel 4 stock wallpapers. Don’t rush, I have attached download link at the bottom of this post.

Of course, we are not so far from its official launch, the phones are making their way to the smartphone market early in next month. Google Pixel 4 lineup will be powered by new Android 10 (I wish Google would have called it Quesito). Besides these four wallpapers, Android 10 will feature other minimal wallpapers as well and we will share once they become official after the launch.

All four wallpapers are in 4K resolution and they are in true dark versions. They are shared by Zheano Blog. Each wallpaper has a resolution of 2161 x 4097 pixels. It won’t lose the quality when you will apply on your smartphone. You can download them from the link attached below.


You can move your eyes over them from here. This is just for preview purpose. So, they are in compressed quality. Make sure you download from the provided link.

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