Download Google Camera with AR Stickers on Poco F1

Xiaomi Poco F1 was launched last year with best in a class processor and great camera sensor at a very competitive price. The Poco head also sends out devices to the developers and that’s why this device also has great developer support. Almost every custom ROM and Kernel is available for this device.

The Google Camera developer owns the Xiaomi Mi8 and since both the device have very similar specifications the google camera for Xiaomi Mi 8 will also work on Xiaomi Poco F1. The new version also brings a time-lapse feature that lets you shoot time-lapse for the different time period.

The Poco F1 is also listed on ARCore supported device so you can also download AR Stickers which are ported out from the Pixel devices. It also gets a new update in which new Pikachu, Avengers Eng Game stickers are included.

Download Google Camera

Download AR Stickers

To use AR Stickers on your device, You need to first download ARCore application from the play store. Google AR Stickers will then appear in Google Camera from there you can download other packs like Avengers: End Game and Pikachu.

If you have any problem downloading or installing the application then let me know in comments below. Make sure to follow us on the social media platform for future updates.