Download Google Camera on Realme Devices (Realme 2 Pro, Realme 2, Realme C1 or Realme 1)

Note: If you are Realme U1 or Realme 3 owner, you can download Google camera from the links attached below.

Oppo’s Subbrand Realme launched a number of a smartphone with some great specification in the reasonable price. While Realme’s Color OS is closed source and Camera2 API isn’t enabled. To enable Camera2 API you need to have root access and because Realme doesn’t allow to unlock bootloader one can’t root an android device.

Camera2 API is disabled by default so there is no way you can install the latest Google Camera in Realme devices. But you can always install old Google Camera in the device.

I tested various Google Camera on Realme 2 Pro and found two working Gcam for the device. This both camera should work fine in all realme devices.

Realme 2 Pro has the great camera sensor with f/1.7 aperture. The same camera sensor was used in the OnePlus 5T. But what if you can get an even better camera without using the stock camera app. Google camera is a great app to take better photos from any device. If you can use Google camera on Realme 2 Pro, Photos will shine because Realme 2 Pro stock camera is limited and can’t capture all the details. Stock camera is still great but Google Camera is even better.

Download Google Camera

I am attaching two links below, so you can test two Google Camera and keep the one which is more stable and has more features. The version of the Google Camera is a year old so you won’t get all the current features like Night Sight, AR stickers, HDR+ enabled, Lens, Photo Sphere. While it supports the Lens Blur/ Portrait Photos,

Download GCAM -1

Download GCAM -2


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