Download Call of Duty: Mobile for Your Device

People are now showing love for battle royale games. The credit obviously goes to PUBG and Fortnite. But now a new game coming to market – Call of Duty. The game was available for pre-register and now Activision making it available to download for some lucky users in India. So, if you are lucky and got the game available on Play Store, let us know in comments below.

Activision has teamed up with the Tencent Games to release Call of Duty: Legends of War on smartphones. It’s the new first-person shooting game coming to Android platforms. Now, if you are one those unlucky people didn’t get a chance to download it from the Play Store, here’s how you can get it.

Now, if you ask me the experience of Call of Duty: Legends of War on my Android device was on the next level. It has nice graphics and superb visuals. The animations are tight. You won’t get disappointed from this game obviously. Now, just if you care about device, I have played this game on Redmi Note 7 Pro which packs Snapdragon 675 chipset and 4GB of RAM.

Let’s Play!

The game APK and OBB files are already on the web. Although, in some cases, it isn’t working as it should be. Because of there some steps which shouldn’t be avoided. Without those game won’t open on your device or it will show network error. I have tried to fix those problems by myself and I got success. So, I am explaining exact same steps which I followed.


01. Kicking things off with download process. Download the game APK and OBB file from our Google Drive folder.

Download File from Gdrive

02. Install Call of Duty APK on your device.

03. Once installed open the game and close it after you see the black screen. Remove it from recents app, too.

04. Now, it’s time to paste the OBB file.

  • Go to File manager > Android > OBB > Make a new folder and name it com.activision.callofduty.shooter
  • Move/Copy that downloaded OBB file in this folder.

05. Now, clear cache data of the game by going in settings. Again, only clear cache data. No need to clear all data. Don’t open the game yet.

06. Download VPN from Play Store. In my case, I used Hola VPN. So, I suggest you use the same.

Download Hola VPN

07. Open Hola VPN. Select the Call of Duty game. Then select the India location and tap on ‘Start‘.

08. When the game will open, you will see a message from the game ‘Game Build Corrupted’.

09. Again, force close the game. Remove it from recent. Keep VPN connected.

10. Clear the game Cache one more time from device settings. And re-open it.

11. Boom! The game will open and it should work. Now, it will take some time to check the game build. Once it will be done, you will get the option to sign in via Guest or Facebook. In my case, I signed in as a Guest. I am not sure it works with Facebook or not.

NOTE: If you get a network error while signing in. Please force close the game again and please connect disconnect the VPN and again connect it to India. In my case, it worked successfully.

You Can Also Try Alternate Method

? If the above method is not working, Try this alternate method.

Tested on my device and will definitely work on yours. Also, Facebook Login works.

  • Download TapTap Application
  • Open Application and Download COD Mobile from the app
  • No need to download separate OBB file. Just Install the application
  • Enjoy the game