Download these 8 Eye-catching Amoled Wallpapers for Your Device

On average, a user unlocks their smartphone for 60 times. And if you are a minimal lover like me, you must have organized everything on your home screen to get a clear visual of wallpaper. In present, with AMOLED technology, the display produces more bright and accurate colors. So, I am here with the 8 new eye-catching AMOLED wallpapers for your smartphone that will make you fall in love with your smartphone.

These AMOLED wallpapers are full of vibrant colors with black color in the other half which will help you in saving more juice on your smartphone when you turn on the dark mode. However, this is the only applicable for the phone having AMOLED display technology. Because the AMOLED display turns off pixels (called dead pixels) in the part where you see black color.

Earlier we also shared live wallpaper of Xiaomi’s MIUI 12 operating system. So, don’t miss those as well. Download from here.

Download Wallpapers

The archive containing a total of 8 AMOLED wallpapers. Each wallpaper contains 1200 x 2597 pixels resolution while some are having 1440 x 2560 pixels resolution. Download the file from the link attached below. Once you complete the download, extract it anywhere in your device. You will have a complete stock of the AMOLED wallpaper in your device.


The wallpapers attached here are for preview purposes only. They are reduced in quality in order to fetch fast. So, please download them from the attached link.

Download More Wallpapers


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