Download Amazing OnePlus 7 Pro Wallpapers Now!

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OnePlus announced its new great devices in the market which costs more than typical flagship killer device. OnePlus also provided 16 static wallpapers and 8 live wallpapers with the all-new OnePlus 7 Pro which you can download on your device without paying a penny.

XDADevelopers Ported out all the high-quality wallpapers from OnePlus 7 Pro devices which also includes high-quality live wallpapers. The Static Wallpapers ZIP file is 94MB big while the Live Wallpapers ZIP file is almost 500MB because that includes video files of 2K resolution.

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The below-attached images are just for preview purpose and in low quality to optimize the website. So, make sure to download the ZIP file from below links.

Download OnePlus 7 Pro Wallpapers

Download OnePlus 7 Pro Live Wallpapers

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