Blocking ADs Using Third-Party Apps May Cause Wastage of Thousands of Dollars of Payee

Do you ever use third party ADBlocker on your device to block the ADs that appears while playing games, using apps or while browsing? Well, maybe the answer is “Yes”, I guess. And if I am right I can directly blame you that you are the person because of whom AD payee’s thousands of dollars are wasted. Shocked? Let’s get in-depth details.

What is ADBlocker?

First, let me say everything about ADBlocker and after then I will take you through the reason why I am blaming you. Who doesn’t like ADs? After all, they are annoying. They come up while using apps or playing games and covers up our device whole screen and distracts us. Every time it pops up when you restart the app. To get rid of this all things every people suggest to use the ADBlocker. Which basically blocks the ADs from the app that you are using.

How does it work?

Now, what this ADBlocker exactly does? You will not believe me but ADBlocker doesn’t block the ADs at all. Yes, it is true. ADBlocker in really doesn’t block the ADs it only makes the ADs disappear from your screen by just creating the Virtual Private Network. When you start the ADBlocker on your device it creates the Virtual Private Network and by using that it hides the ADs from the particular web page or app that you are using. The ADs are still present on that Web Page but due to your phone is on the VPN you cannot see it.

Why I Blame You?

I am here to give you in-depth details about this. So don’t taks my blame seriously. I am trying to give you an example. If you are blocking ADs using third party ADBlocker app that means you are the person because of whom money is gone wasted of person who pays for the ADs to promote his/her business. People who promotes their business via Google ADs Program doesn’t pay small amount for that.

When anyone submits his/her ADs in Google ADs Program, Google provides every information to them includes Impressions, Clicks, Visits, Page Visit, Downloads, etc. However, Google doesn’t promise the click amounts on their AD.

When you use the ADBlocker as I said it creates the VPN and hides the ADs but doesn’t block the ADs originally that means the AD is still present there but because your device is connected on Virtual Private Network you can’t see. Now by doing this Google Machines are still reading that impression of ADs and showing that number of impressions to their customers. Which are actually wrong because you have not seen any ADs still the number of impressions is increasing. One person has already asked this question in Google ADWards.

In between them, payee gets a huge loss. Google ADs Program asks for the big budget for ADs to show them on different websites. To keep the community safe and to provide the transparent data to their customers Google has removed all the VPN applications from the Play Store.

Let me know what you think about this.