Digital Wellbeing is Throttling Performance on Google Pixel 3 Devices

Google announced a new feature called Digital Wellbeing with Android Pie and it seems like that useful feature is creating a major issue with Google Pixel 3 devices. Google Pixel 3a, Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL facing throttling issue while Digital Wellbeing is enabled.

According to Reddit Thread, Many device holders have a major performance issue with Google Pixel 3 series which slowing down their Pixel devices. Some of the users tried to find out the solution and found that disabling Digital Wellbeing actually solves the performance issue on most Pixel devices.

Digital Wellbeing is actually a useful feature that keeps an eye on your daily usage and also controls the time on particular app usage if you want. It also enables the wind-down feature which converts your screen to black and white in sleeping hours.

Many users tried the method and disabled the Digital Wellbeing and that actually helped them to improve the performance of their pixel devices. In some cases, this method also worked for the older generation pixel devices.

In case if you own Pixel devices and want to turn off Digital Wellbeing then head over the Digital Wellbeing from the settings and tap on three dots. Here tap on Turn Off usage access and select Turn Off in settings. You may notice the performance improvement in your Pixel device.

Google hasn’t addressed or talked about this issue just yet so we are awaiting their response. We will update this article if Google has anything to say about the new issue.