Dark Mode is Finally Available in Google Chrome Android App; Here is how to Enable It!

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Google finally releases true dark mode for Chrome application on Android. The option is still hidden under the flag settings so you won’t be able to find it from the chrome settings. Now finally, users can use their phones in the night for a long time without having strains.

While dark mode in Chrome app is still in the bets testing so might add some unknown bugs. Although, We didn’t notice any bugs till now.

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How to Enable Dark Mode in Chrome

Update Chrome application from the Google Play Store. The current running version in my device is 74.0.3729.112. You can also download it directly by clicking here. Once you update the app follow the below steps.

  • Open Google Chrome Application.
  • Now, Type: “chrome://flags” in the URL bar of Chrome. It will open experimental features of chrome.
  • Now, Tap on Search Bar of Flags and Type – “Android Chrome UI dark mode”.
  • Tap on the Default button and enable the option and Restart the app.
  • Tap on three dots and open Settings. Here you will see the dark mode option – Just press it and Turn it on.

To disable the dark mode you can just go to settings and turn off the dark mode. You don’t need to play with the flags again to disable the option. This feature is yet not finished and that’s why it’s hidden under the flags. Not all the website shows the dark mode and search engine background is still in the white background. All these bugs will likely fix in the final version.

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