How to Connect ChatGPT to Microsoft Word

ChatGPT is capable of many incredible tasks, including composing music, fixing code, planning trips, and more. It can even write essays on any subject you give it. Given that Microsoft is a major investor in OpenAI, they’ve incorporated ChatGPT into their Bing search engine. There’s even talk of Microsoft incorporating it into their Office apps, but you don’t have to wait. A developer named Patrick Husting has already created a third-party add-in that lets you connect ChatGPT to Microsoft Word. Let’s dive into how to use ChatGPT in Microsoft Word now!

In this article, we will delve into the details of Ghostwriter’s services and explain how you can use ChatGPT natively within Microsoft Word. So, without further ado let’s see how you can seamlessly connect ChatGPT to Microsoft Word.

What is the Ghostwriter Add-in for Microsoft Word?

The Ghostwriter Add-in is a tool that enables you to seamlessly integrate ChatGPT into your Microsoft Word documents. By utilizing OpenAI’s API, this add-in can query ChatGPT and instantly insert the results into Word. It should be noted that Ghostwriter is not a free service and requires a paid plan to use its full capabilities.

Ghostwriter’s paid plans begin with the Basic edition at $10, offering a response length of two paragraphs. For greater flexibility, the Pro edition is available for $25 and allows you to adjust the response length to either long or extra long. Additionally, it provides access to all of OpenAI’s text generation models, including Davinci, Curie, Babbage, and Ada. You can purchase the Ghostwriter Add-in by visiting their website.

Take a look at this video;

Use ChatGPT in Microsoft Word

Connect ChatGPT to Microsoft Word Online Version

One of the most convenient aspects of the ChatGPT integration through Ghostwriter is its compatibility with the web-based version of Microsoft Word. To start using it, simply add the Ghostwriter Add-in to your Microsoft Word and it will be ready to use. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get started.

  1. To begin, navigate to and sign in using your Microsoft account. Then, open a new blank Word document.

  2. Next, click on the “Add-ins” button located in the top-right corner of the page and select “More Add-ins”.

    connect chatgpt to ms office

  3. On this page, navigate to the “Store” section and search for “Ghostwriter”. Once you have found the add-in, click the “Add” button next to its name in the search results.

    connect chatgpt to ms office

  4. With this step, the Ghostwriter Add-in will now be integrated into your Microsoft Word, displayed in a panel on the right side of the screen.

    connect chatgpt to ms office

  5. In the Ghostwriter panel, enter the email address associated with your purchase of the add-in. Then, create a free personal account on the Ghostwriter website and enter your OpenAI API key into the “Product Key” field. Finally, click the “Validate Key” button.

    connect chatgpt to microsoft office

  6. After activation, simply enter your question or topic into the Ghostwriter panel and click “Ask Me”.

    ChatGPT will quickly respond and add the reply directly to your Microsoft Word document.

  7. Additionally, you have the option to adjust the settings by clicking on “OpenAI Configuration Settings”.

    Here, you can select the desired response length, choose a specific OpenAI text generation model, and configure other options. Essentially, using these Configuration settings, you can ask ChatGPT to type long essays for you within a Microsoft Word document.

Connect ChatGPT to Microsoft Word Offline Version

In addition to the web version of Office, you can also use ChatGPT on the desktop version of Microsoft Word. The process is the same as we described above for the web version. Just make sure that you have a Microsoft 365 subscription, as this is required to install add-ins on the desktop version. Here are the steps to follow:

1. To begin, open Microsoft Word on your desktop and create a new document. Then, go to “Insert” and select “Get Add-ins”.

connect chatgpt to ms office offline

2. Click Store > Search for Ghostwrite > Click Add

connect chatgpt to ms office offline

3. Once you have successfully added Ghostwriter, you will be prompted to enter the email address associated with the purchase of your product key. To use the add-in, you will also need to obtain a free OpenAI API key by creating a personal account at this link Once you have obtained your API key, simply paste it into the designated “product key” field and activate Ghostwriter.

connect chatgpt to ms office offline

4. With the integration of Ghostwriter, it’s now a breeze to leverage the power of ChatGPT directly within Microsoft Word. You can write essays, find answers to queries related to your assignments, and much more, all with just a few clicks.

connect chatgpt to ms office offline


For now, utilizing ChatGPT in Microsoft Office requires the use of third-party add-ins, as the official integration is still in the works by Microsoft. That being said, we’ve got you covered.

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