Buy Redmi Note 5 Pro Easily: COD is Not Available for Next Sale

Xiaomi made a reputation as a best seller phone in India, But it isn’t easy to get one smartphone in the flash sale. Xiaomi sold the 3lac+ redmi note 5 pro/ redmi note 5 in the last sale which is very good numbers. There are several reasons behind that why you are not able to buy Xiaomi’s smartphone in the flash sale. Beebom already wrote a great article on that topic, I suggest you read that if you want to know the reasons for it.

Why Aren’t You Able to Buy Redmi Note 5 Pro?

There are many sellers who buy multiple devices to earn some extra profits. They have 10-15 people in the group who book Xiaomi’s devices in flash sale. That is why you are not able to get one for yours. There are only a few genuine buyers who get a device for themselves. Because of that people were frustrated and complain a lot about it to Xiaomi, manukumar Jain (managing director) on Twitter and various social media platform.

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How Will No COD Help You Get One For You?

Finally, they hear the buyers and takes a serious step. Now for the next flash sale of Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 and Note 5 Pro, there will be no Cash on Delivery option available for the people. In order to buy any of the models, you need to pay online. Now you must be thinking how that will help a customer to get one for them, The Bulk Buyers can’t pay online because they don’t have multiple debit/credit cards to book devices in bulk. They can only book one, two or five pieces for themselves, which is not a lot of numbers comparing to what they were getting in a flash sale with cod available.

Now, You will be able to get one for yourself so get your cards ready and book one for you. Thank me later 🙂

Let me know in comments if are going to buy one for yourself or not.