Build Your App Without Any Coding Language w/ Google’s New ‘App Maker’

If you are not from the coding department so, of course, you know how tough is to make any application. It requires well-developed skill to write codes to twist your application as you want. Here Google’s new service ‘App Maker‘ will help you to make any application without any kind of expertise.

Well, it’s 2018 where all people including young, old and even children are using smartphones. Different people pass through the different application and now maybe yours too. App Maker is now available publicly. That makes the complete app making process very simple. Actually, the service is now in Beta version.

app maker – an application developement environment

You may have seen some website builder that simply offers different templates that you can simply drag and drop to make the web page. Just like that Google App Maker offers different templates to design application and make every page. The user does not have to remember bundle of different codes. Simply drag and drop to design your application.

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Looks like Google is pushing their service towards the more easy way to get most out of them. App Maker is Google’s new working environment where anyone with the little or no knowledge of coding can work and build their own application and make it live for their different business purposes or schools for their educational purposes. The user can use drag and drop UI. Also, there are app templates are available that user can choose from according to the app type and make some few changes.

Here it is worth to note that App Maker service is not free. The user must have G Suite account to use it. G Suite administrators maintain full visibility over what apps are running in their organizations, how many people are using them, and who has access to them.

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