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Hide Your Online Status on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is continuously improving its services by giving features that users want. However, they are far behind the applications like telegram and Snapchat regarding features. WhatsApp may soon launch a feature that allows you to hide your online status on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp’s Last Seen to Be Added Soon

The latest report from WABetainfo suggests that they are working on adding awaited features about hiding the online status just like the last seen. This feature is already in the work and may launch in the upcoming beta version. Currently, you can hide the last seen from contacts, everyone, or specific contacts.

The last seen section in the privacy option will be added under the section under who can see when I’m online and there will be two options to choose from, One option will show your online status to everyone just like now and another will let you hide just like the last seen option.

This feature will come in addition to the recently added feature, hide your last seen, profile photo, and about section. There’s also a feature to hide your online status from people you have never chatted with before.

This feature is still under development and may take some time to be introduced in the latest version. Well in any case, if you’re excited about the latest feature and want to try it at the earliest then you can keep an eye on the beta version or you can follow the complex method for the rooted android devices and take a look.

Hide Your Online Status on WhatsApp (Closed Beta)

You’ll have to download an application called WATweaker and follow the steps throughout to enable the features that are already in closed beta version which are not available for general users.

The process is a bit lengthy but it’s safe and worth it. I have personally tested it and found it safe to use.

If you have any doubts regards the same then feel free to contact me.

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YouTube is Giving YouTube Premium for Free: Here’s How to Get it

YouTube has launched a new referral program to help spread the word about the YouTube premium and make people used to its new service. If you want to be part of the premium family just like others then here’s how to get YouTube Premium for free.

How to Get YouTube Premium for Free

YouTube Premium costs about Rs. 129 or $11.99 as a regular price but under its referral bonus, you will get it completely free or as low as Rs. 10 or $0.99 for three months.

This program was first reported by 9to5Google, starting that many users getting prompted as soon as they opened YouTube a few hours ago about the referral benefits.

According to the YouTube referral policy, those who refer to their friends or family will get one month of YouTube premium for completely free and the referer can get a maximum of 12 months just by sharing links to 2 people and making them join the premium family.

That’s not it, even the one who subscribes with the referral link will only have to pay Rs. 10 for the three months of subscription. The only condition is that you must not have availed free trial before.

Steps to Get YouTube Premium for Free

  1. Open YouTube

    Open the YouTUbe application on your Android or iOS device and head over to your profile from the upper right corner.

  2. Tap – YouTube Premium Benefits

    Here you will see an additional option – YouTube Premium Benefits, just tap on that.

  3. Tap on the Banner saying – Get 12 Months of Free Service

    Here there will be a banner about the free service, tap on that and enter the offer.

  4. Enter Referral link

    You’ll have to enter the referral link shared by a premium member. Then only you’ll be able to get it for as low as Rs. 10. That’s It enjoy the benefits.

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Snapchat’s Paid Subscription Will Still Show Ads

A popular social media platform, Snapchat recently introduced a subscription called Snapchat Plus for their power users. Even after being the power user, Snapchat’s paid subscription will show Ads on your account.

What is Snapchat Plus?

Snapchat Plus is a premium service for the core user of Snapchat. It unlocks exclusive and early access feature for the users.

The subscription will cost you $3.99 for a month, It is most likely for the people who spend their most time on Snapchat to be closest with their friends

โ€œThe people who spend most of their time communicating with their closest friends on Snap,โ€ the companyโ€™s SVP of Product, Jacob Andreou, tellsย The Verge.

This is the company’s first attempt to make money out of the advertising model. Although, the company will continue showing Ads even after purchasing the Snapchat Plus.

For now, Snapchat plus seems like a cosmetic upgrade. The most notable feature of Snapchat plus is that users can change Snapchat’s app icon, see who rewatched your story, and pin one of your friends at the top.

This seems like basic features of any app and I don’t see any reason to upgrade to Snapchat Plus at all, at least for now.

It’s strange why Snapchat will now allow their plus users to give options about turning off ads from their platform as they will already pay some amount for a better user experience. They may plan something like this in the near future.

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Here’s How Android 13 Easter Eggs Look Like

Google recently introduced Android 13 which includes a bunch of new features and revamped design over the previous version. The latest version, Android 13 Beta 3.3 addresses the bugs that were identified in the Beta 3.2 version. Alongside that, Google sneakingly added an easter egg in the latest version. If you’re excited just like me then here’s how Android 13 easter eggs look like.

Android 13 Easter Eggs

Android 13’s Easter eggs look a bit different from what we have seen earlier. The version number is surrounded by the different emojis like Fruit, Cat faces, Regular faces, Expressive (eye) faces, Melting faces, Hearts/love, Outer space, Moon, Aquatic life, Monkeys, Zodiac, Clocks, Flowers, and Turtle king. If you tap and hold bubbles at first then it will turn into emoji.

At this moment it is unclear if Google will plan to add the Android 13 easter egg widget just like they did with Android 12. So stay tuned with us for future updates on the same.

How to Enable Easter Eggs on Your Pixel Device

You need to have pixel devices as Android 13 is only available for Google pixel devices as of now. You may download the custom from if it’s available for your device. (Note: don’t flash just for easter eggs)

  1. Download Android 13 Beta 3.3

    Download the latest beta version of Android 13 on your pixel device.

  2. Go to settings >> About phone

    head over to the about phone section of settings and tap on the android version repeatedly

  3. Easter Egg should appear

    If you change the clock to 1’o clock position then you should see the Android 13 logo with bubbles.

  4. Tap and hold bubbles

    Now, just tap and hold bubbles as you see the mojis popping up on your screen.

This is how you can enable and check the latest easter of from the latest Android version. If you have any doubts or any suggestions then let me know. While we bring you other Android-related articles you can check out our old posts.

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How to Edit Videos in Google Photos

Google has developed in-built video editing features for their latest Google Photos app which allows users to edit basic stuff crop, straighten, color correction, and more. Well if you’re new to this feature just like others then here’s how to edit videos in Google Photos.

Google Photos Video Editing Features

Trim or mute the video: The user can trim the particular clip from the video or mute the audio from the clip.

stabilize the video: most budget device doesn’t have optical stabilization, so google has introduced this incredible feature called video stabilization which uses its AI to stabilize the video electrically.

Export a still from the video: There is a feature called export a still which lets users download a particular frame from the video. In many cases, there’s a cool shot that the video has captured and you might want to upload it as a photo because it’s not the best to upload a video every time. SO that is where this feature can be useful.

Crop or Rotate: The crop tool can be useful at times to remove the unwanted parts, Not sure how rotating will be useful but you can still do that on google photos.

Color Correction: Color correction is necessity these days and Google knows it very well. That’s why there is a feature to edit and adjust the effect of the video.

Filter: If you don’t want to go deeper in the color correction part then you can directly apply presets from the filter section on your videos.

Draw a highlight on a video: As the name suggests, you can draw something on a video with a markup tool.

How to Edit Videos in Google Photos

Before we head over to the method, make sure you have the latest version of the Google Photos application on your Android or iOS device.

  1. Open Google Photos Application

    Unlock the phone and head over to the Google Photos application.

  2. Open the Video you want to edit.

    Just scroll through the videos and find the video you want to edit.

  3. Tap Edit icon

    Here, there will be an edit icon, that looks like settings so tap on it and you will enter editing mode.

  4. Edit what you want

    Here, you can use and apply tools or filter and edit the way you want. You can use any of the features mentioned above.

I hope, this article helps you edit the basic stuff of the video. If you have any questions or suggestion then feel free to contact us through our mail.

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YouTube Music Song Unavailable Error – Quick Fix

A few years back YouTube came into the Music industry and launched revamped YouTube music after entirely ditching the Google play music. Recently many people have encountered an issue with YouTube music. The users were unable to shuffle the songs on the platform and the error was showing that “Song Unavailable”. Keep reading, YouTube Music Song Unavailable Error – Quick Fix

YouTube music has gained popularity lately because of its affordable price and cool features such as background videos and rich libraries.

YouTube Music Song Unavailable Error

Like every other music player, YouTube music allows users to download the song offline and listen to it later. The downloaded song can be arranged in your favorite playlist and shuffle the song.

This issue is stopping users to listen to downloaded songs in shuffle mode as it is showing an error saying, The song is unavailable.

Another issue users found is that One song keeps repeating even after the shuffle is enabled and repeat is disabled.

How to Solve YouTube Music Song Unavailable Error

There is a workaround for the same issue.

You have to delete all the downloads and redownload all the songs that you want to play in your device offline.

It has solved the issue for many users on Reddit so that should work for your device as well.

I know the process is a bit hectic but until google solves this issue you can try this method.

For the repeat song issue, users can try enabling shuffle from the three-dot option in the menu and not from the shuffle icon. The issue was resolved for many users on Reddit and other forums.

Although there is no official statement yet from YouTube regarding the issue. So until a team of developers at YouTube find the issue and solves it, you can try this workaround.

Also, if you have any other problems or found any bugs then you can contact us on our mail id. We will try to cover that and find a possible solutions for the same.

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How to Get iOS 16 Emojis in Any Android Device

Apple recently introduced their long-awaited version of iOS for their iPhones at WWDC. The company has included many new features that revamped the design area and enhances the user experience such as an enhanced lock screen, focus mode, photos, messages, and many more. Along with all the features, Apple introduced a few emojis to improve the chat experience for their users. Well, if you want to try out those emojis but don’t own an Apple device then keep reading, How to Get iOS 16 Emojis in Any Android Device.

How to Get iOS 16 Emojis in Any Android

To get these irreplaceable iOS emojis you will need to follow some steps. Itโ€™s pretty easy as long as you have rooted android device (or at least TWRP installed on your device). Well, If you do not have custom recovery, there is a long process you will have to follow.
Just search it on google โ€“ how to install TWRP in โ€œmobile name with model numberโ€.
If you already have what we need, just go ahead and follow the steps.

  1. Download Emoji Replacer APK

    Google Drive Link – HERE

  2. Install the Emoji Replacer App on your device.

    Allow it the superuser access so that it can download and replace the emojis that you need in your device.

  3. Download iOS 16 Emoji

    You will see a bunch of emojis on the home page of the application. Here find out the emojis “iOS 16” and tap on that to download them.

  4. Install It

    As shown in the image, It will give you a warning – That it will restart automatically after successful installation so just tap ok.

  5. Successfully Installed. Enjoy!

    iOS 16 Emojis are successfully installed on your device. Enjoy chatting with your friends and improve your experience.

The process is pretty simple if you ask me. Well, in case if you’re facing any issues then feel free to ask me in the comments below.

Also, make sure to follow us on our social media platforms for future updates and user guides.

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Enable Magic Eraser Feature of Google Photos in Any Android

A tech giant Google introduced a mind-boggling feature called magic eraser in their biggest software-related event, Google I/O. While the feature is exclusive to the Pixel 6 series, we have found a way to get it on any android device. While this process can be a little lengthy but it will be worth doing as the outcome is amazing. You can check the sample photos below. So keep reading Enable Magic Eraser Feature of Google Photos in Any Android

What is Magic Eraser Feature?

Magic eraser is a tool that exists in the google photos app that can remove literally everything from the photos that you select. It can be anything like a car, flower, or unwanted people around you. This AI-featured tool lets you use remarkable technology to get you the best photos that you possibly can’t click because of unwanted objects or living.

Take a look at it,

Enable Magic Eraser Feature of Google Photos in Any Android

  1. Download Google Photos Application

    You have to download the google photos application from here. Another version may not work as tested with this version only.

  2. Install SAI

    You have to install a split application installer from the google play store.

  3. Select the Google Photos app in SAI

    Open the SAI app and here choose the Google photos app that you downloaded earlier.

  4. Install App

    Install the Google Photos app using SAI.

  5. Voila! Open the Google Photos app and check the tools section.

    You should receive google’s exclusive magic eraser tool under the tools section. You can enjoy the beauty of AI.

What if it doesn’t work?

What if I get an error while installing the Google Photos app?

If you get an error while installing apk then uninstall the update of google photos first and then try to reinstall.

What if It doesn’t Appear under tools?

Clear the data of Google Photos by going into the setting and application.

Cleared Data, but Still not working?

Download Pixel props and then flash it on your Android. As it only works on pixel devices, for now, installing pixel props will spoof of the pixel and the feature will work on it.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask. Also, read other related articles for more guides.

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Why Do You Need to Upgrade & Update Your Operating System?

The operating system on your computer, tablet, or smartphone is the essential component that is responsible for managing all the hardware and software. Programs running on the digital device need to access the memory, storage, processing power, and other resources. The OS running on the device coordinates and controls the resources to ensure each application gets what it requires to operate smoothly. Installing an operating system is not enough to get the expected output from your computer; it demands more than that. You need to update the operating system with the latest available version to ensure better performance.  In this article, we will discuss why you need to upgrade & update your operating system and what problems you may face during the process. 

Why Are Updates Important? 

Have you noticed those frequent reminders that pop up all of a sudden only to remind you that your operating system needs updating? Normally, users don’t bother and ignore them, which is incorrect. 

The correct way to deal with the operating system or software updates is to deal with them with the utmost attention. And, if your computer or phone is running slow already, it’s time to install available updates. 

A number of risks are involved in ignoring the available updates, and the consequences can be severe as you may end up losing all your data. Installing updates on time never harm; however, it helps keep the devices up to date. 

It’s not certain that you are not ignoring the update; the changes are that you are not able to install them on your computer. 

For instance, people sometimes wonder and keep asking themselves why canโ€™t I update my mac, yet they either don’t know the right way to install the updates or they are dealing with a slow internet connection. Other than that, compatibility issues can be a potential reason.   

Before we understand the risks that an outdated device brings along, let’s move on to learn the difference between an update and an upgrade. 

Upgrade vs. Updates: Understand the Difference

Updates and upgrades are two different terms, though people usually use them interchangeably most of the time. 

Windows and macOS users must be acquainted with the upgrades that launch once every one or a couple of years. A major operating system upgrade comes with significant features and functional changes.

Many Windows and Mac users normally wait for a couple of months after the new operating system is launched. Even if the OS upgrade is free, many users take time to install the latest version, as it gives them the time to understand any discrepancies in the software. 

If there is a technical glitch in the latest upgrade, such as macOS Monterey or Windows 11, the manufacturers will release an update to improve the operating system. 

Because of the mentioned reason OS update is recommended. Not only do they bring operational enhancements, but they remove bugs from the operating system.

Is It Time to Upgrade or Update the Device?

You don’t have to upgrade your operating system, particularly when you are comfortable using the existing one your device is most compatible with. 

However, if you have difficulty in handling even the most average tasks and you need to install updates frequently, then upgrading is recommended. 

Apart from that, you need to upgrade the operating system if you are involved in high-end gaming, graphic designing, coding, and similar demanding professions. 

Most used applications are often more compatible with the latest version of the Operating system so it’s a good idea to update the system.

You may face problems like system slowdown, RAM overused, and similar issues that can slow down your PC when you’re running an older version of OS.

By upgrading the OS, you probably make your computer and mobile devices compatible with the latest apps and innovative programs. Updates enhance the device’s performance and let you handle even the most demanding tasks effortlessly. 

Keeping the OS up-to-date also implies that you will not find any major problems in opening the files that your colleagues or friends have shared with you.

If anything unexpected happens to your mobile, computer, or tablet, having the latest version of the operating system will help the experts fix the error and recover data. 

Moreover, up-to-date OS ensures that your files are safer and that no potential security threat prevails that can steal your data. 

How to Install Updates?

On your Windows computer, click on Start, then navigate to the Control Panel, go to Automatic Updates, and toggle it to Automatic. 

To get the latest update on Android, navigate to Settings, click System, and tap System Update. 

To install the available updates on macOS, click on the Apple menu, go to System Preferences, tap Software Updates, and select Download Important Updates Automatically. 

On iPhone, go to Settings, click General, and then tap Software Update to install the latest updates. 

Setting your computer to install the updates automatically prevents you from the manual hassles of downloading the latest versions each time a new update is available. Manual processes are time-consuming and sometimes error-prone. I hope you enjoyed reading, “Why Do You Need to Upgrade & Update Your Operating System”

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How to Get Dark Mode on Snapchat (Android & iOS)

The dark mode was one of the most demanded features of smartphones or PC users in the last couple of years. Android and iOS both released a system-wide dark mode that puts a dark theme on every application. But one application that remained the same is Snapchat. Well, you don’t have to worry because I am bringing you how to get dark mode on Snapchat.

A popular messaging application, Snapchat released dark mode for the iOS device earlier this year while the update for Android still remains pending. Today, we will go through the process to get dark mode on the Snapchat app.

Get Dark Mode on Snapchat

Snapchat officially introduced an option to enable or disable dark themes on iOS devices while this setting is missing from Android devices. Since many Android users love using a dark theme on their smartphones, this single bright theme can ruin the experience. This workaround will make the process simpler and enable the dark theme on your favorite application.

How to get it on Android Device

  1. Download Snapchat older version 10.72.0 from the APK mirror

    Unfortunately, the dark mode doesn’t work in the latest version of Snapchat so you have to download the older version from the apk mirror. Don’t worry there aren’t any major changes in the latest version so you can still use it without missing any features.

  2. Enable developer option

    Go to settings and head over to the about phone, Here press the build number for the seven-time until it shows developer mode is enabled. The pop-up will appear saying developer mode is enabled on your device.
    The developer option consists of hidden features which mostly used by tech-savvy people to enable/ disable the specific feature and change the settings.

  3. Open developer option

    now, get back to the setting menu and open the system and developer option from here.

  4. Enable Override force-dark feature

    Find an option called “Override force-dark” and enable it. Now you’ll see the changes on your device that the theme is changed and colors are inverted to black.

  5. Dark Mode for Snapchat is Enabled.

    Now, you’ll see that Snapchat’s dark mode is enabled and you’ll be able to access it easily. There are no readability issues as well and it’s the same as the one provided by the Snapchat team for iOS devices.

How to get dark mode in Snapchat on iOS Device

  1. Open the Snapchat application on your iOS device.
  2. Head over to your profile from the top left corner.
  3. Click on the settings icon.
  4. Here, tap on App appearance.
  5. Select the theme as always dark.
  6. Done! Now your dark mode is enabled on your Snapchat

Final Verdict

It’s easy for iOS devices to get the feature on a Snapchat app while for Android users process gets a little bit lengthy. Although both the method works without any issues.

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